26 July 2015

IN AR TN MI OH Meteors 25JUL2015

IN AR TN MI OH Meteors 25JUL2015 - likely at least two events
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IN AR TN MI OH Meteors 25JUL2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25JUL2015 Brittany agler Columbus, Ohio 24:00am 5 seconds South east to north west Short steak to long streak back to short streak with white and blue color then explodes Bright white and blue haze Exploded at the end In town driving, even happened very close in sky as I was at a stop light

25JUL2015 Ron Yapp Ann arbor, Mich., USA 2347 EST 1.5 s E - W Large ball, fragmenting into 3 or 4 pieces,short burst of a tail, lasted for 1 -1.5 sec. Searchlight Fragments blew behind it Assuming it burned up in upper atmosphere, it was a large.object---larger than a house.

25JUL2015 Mike Jackson, TN, USA 22:41, CST Maybe 2 second at the most As I was facing North, it traveled diagonally down and to the left from up-right Green, no sound It didn't light up the sky. It was probably as bright as the moon from its point, though since it wasn't as big it didn't light up the surrounding area like the moon does. Couldn't tell It was bright and large for a meteorite whatever it was. It wasn't very high in the sky, maybe 20-30 degrees from the ground. The green was very bright and clear.

25JUL2015 Brian Goodzey South Bend, Indiana, USA 23:35 Just about 3 seconds Looking south from top left to bottom right of view then burned out Yellow in color then blue when burning out. Didn't hear anything. About as bright as a weak firework No fragmentation. It wasn't too far away.

25JUL2015 Dawn Everton, Arkansas 22:35 pm CST approx. 3 seconds looking to the east it was traveling towards the north An orange ball of light arching downwards which turmed green before disappearing/going out very bright, but didn't light up the sky not that I could tell I didnt see where it started in the sky, I just happened to look up at the right moment. husband was looking at his phone and saw it in his peripheral vision

25JUL2015 Abby Portage Indiana United States 2230 pm About 5 seconds Direction of travel was from east to west, I was facing south. Mostly white in color, with some red. I saw flashing, no sound. A little brighter than the moon I did not see any parts falling I walked out back, and looked straight up, noticed the very bright flash of white and red followed by a bright white tail. Then the head of the meteor looked like it exploded, and that is when I saw the flash. It was amazing! Right place at the right time

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