26 July 2015

Ireland Meteor Apprx. 0015 GMT 25JUL2015

Ireland Meteor Apprx. 0015 GMT 25JUL2015
w/ fragmentation and sonics!
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Ireland Meteor Apprx. 0015 GMT 25JUL2015
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YOUR meteor report is important.  If you came here looking for a report about a meteor and dont report it there is no data to view. Take 2 minutes and file.
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25JUL2015 Frank Pastor cliffony, County Sligo, Ireland 00:23 GMT about 4 seconds 20deg.above horizon looking East moving from south to north east . white and yellow with long tail and lots of fragments flying off the main fireball. Heard a boom about 2 minutes later from same direction. half as bright as the moon Lots of fragments spitting off the main fireball I have seen your standard "shooting stars" often but this was awesome.

25JUL2015 Joe O'Mara Omeath, Louth, Ireland 00.15 GMT it was fragmenting in front of me and split into 4 definite pieces Facing north the meteor passed from SW to NE Pale blue almost white, extremely bright unlighted any star shining at the time As bright as a street light but did not illuminate the entire sky Yes it split into four parts, 2 trailed to the back while the rest continues a small bit further until it broke again into two no

25JUL2015 Joanne Hogg County Antrim, Northern Ireland 00.15 GMT 4 seconds Travelling east to west horizontally, I was facing roughly SW. Meteor passed left to right I saw a white blazing ball shaped object maybe 2/3 the diameter of the moon Like the sun Yes, there were numerous fragments behind the main ball It disappeared quickly, seeming to shrink in size rapidly , the fragments seemed to dissipate

25JUL2015 Leyla Simsek lucan,Dublin , Ireland 00. 05 5 seconds Right to left bright white with blue hue Bright flash Happened so fast it disappeared Was amazing to witness don't know if it was a meteor or a fallen star but it was very bright and fell very fast

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