19 July 2015

Platinum Asteroid US$ 5.4 TRILLION Pass Earth - Sunday 19JUL2015 w/ video

Platinum Asteroid US$ 5.4 TRILLION Pass Earth - Sunday 19JUL2015 w/ video

 An asteroid worth a potential US$ 5.4 TRILLION is set to pass by Earth on Sunday night - Breaking News
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Published on Jul 17, 2015
Asteroid 2011 UW158 is going to pass 30 times closer than the nearest planet on July 19 at around 10pm.
This asteroid will approach within 6.4 LD and will be one of the strongest radar targets of the year.
2011 UW158 has an absolute magnitude of 19.4.
Size: 452m - 1011m.
  Observations are scheduled at Goldstone from July 13-26
Stargazers will be able to enjoy the spectacle live via Slooh Space Telescope.
What makes this unusual is the large amount of platinum believed to be lurking in the body of this space visitor.
  Can it be mined someday, perhaps not too far in the future?
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Goldstone Radar Observations Planning: 2011 UW158, 1994 AW1, 1999 JD6, and 2003 NZ6

Hillary Clinton sounds the alarm on meteor/ites
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