01 July 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01JUL2015

Was That 'Boom' a Nuclear Test, Earthquake or Meteor? This Video Explains How We Know
The monitoring system is capable of locating a suspected nuclear explosion, earthquake or meteor crash, or even a potential tsunami.: ...

What was that giant flash of light above Chattanooga last night?
Chattanooga Times Free Press
The bright light was reported by multiple sources in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia and the American Meteor Society put together a map of ...

Happy Asteroid Day: We Are Woefully Unprepared!
Russia was also the scene of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor, an event that thrust space-related dangers back into the public consciousness after a ...

Is War of the Worlds coming?
Cooke said the object couldn't be a meteor because it was travelling at about 24,000km/h, which is about 32,000km/h “too slow”, and its entry angle ...

Rare space event: catch Venus and Jupiter crossing tonight
Later this year - August 12th, that is - you'll want to watch the night sky for the Perseid Meteor shower. This is the most visible meteor shower of the ...

Scientists solve mystery of sky flash
West Texas News
According to scientists, flash that appeared in the night sky was not a fireball ormeteor; it was in fact a piece of space debris, which they called as ...

The Compositional Structure of the Asteroid Belt
Francesca E. DeMeo, Conel M. O'D. Alexander, Kevin J. Walsh, Clark R.
Chapman, Richard P. Binzel
(Submitted on 16 Jun 2015)
The past decade has brought major improvements in large-scale asteroid discovery and characterization with over half a million known asteroids and over 100,000 with some measurement of physical characterization.
This explosion of data has allowed us to create a new global picture of ...

UFO Sighting 2015: Bright Fiery Object Stunned Witnesses; NASA Scientists Rule Fireball as ...
International Business Times, India Edition
Over 100 people, who witnessed the bright fireball fly across the skies of several regions, including Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee ...

Blue Moon, meteor shower await stargazers in July
GMA News
A blue moon and a meteor shower near the end of the month await ... while the Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower will likely peak July 29 to 30.

Blue moon, meteor shower and pluto flyby expected in July
Philippine Star
Prepare your best stargazing equipment and set up the perfect date. Astronomers say this month is all about embracing the cosmic atmosphere.

Mystery fireball caught on video on southeastern United States
Daily Mail
Mystery fireball caught on video on southeastern United States. NASA have said that the fireball may have been caused by the re-entry of Russia's ...

Scientists around the world wish you a Happy Asteroid Day
The potential for such impacts to cause significant damage on a regional scale is high, as illustrated by the Chelyabinsk meteor that struck Russia on ...

Japanese Startup Wants to Create Man-Made Meteor Showers
As these fall back to Earth, they will create artificial meteor showers. If it works, birthdays and weddings could be celebrated with your very own ...

June 30: Meteor Day
Carriage Towne News
June 30: Meteor Day. 0. Share. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Google+ Pinterest Email. Share this with your friends! From. To. Compose your message.

NASA officials confirm mysterious fireball is space junk
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville is part of NASA's fireball camera network and monitors the sky on clear nights for events like this. After a ...

Plane crash investigations cease as fireball spotted over Alabama turn out to bemeteor
Signs of the Times
Alabama police have called off the search for a 'crashed plane' after it emerged to have been a meteor. A fireball had been spotted across the sky over ...

Mystery fireball seen in southeastern US was SPACE JUNK, says Nasa
Daily Mail
'Based on the data we currently have, this object was not a meteor or fireball,' it said in a statement today, citing the speed of the light as being too ...

Moment unexplained fireball streaks across Atlanta sky
Daily Mail
Moment unexplained fireball streaks across Atlanta sky. NASA have said that the fireball may have been caused by the re-entry of Russia's SL-6 ...

Nasa says bright lights over Georgia were 'not a meteor'
Nasa says that a series of slow, bright lights seen across the southeastern United States on Monday evening "was not a meteor or fireball". The space ...

'Fireball' Over Georgia Was Actually Space Junk
A mysterious light show over Loganville and Grayson, and other parts of Georgia early Monday morning wasn't a fireball. Instead, experts say it was ...

Today is Meteor Day
WNDH 103.1 FM
The Bottom Line: June 30th is Meteor Day!The Full Story:June 30th is Meteor Day! Did.

Is it a meteor or meteorite? We explain the difference
Tuesday is Meteor Watch Day, and Meteorologist Brett Collar has the answers to some common questions....

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