28 January 2014

TN IN KY IL WV OH ONT Fireball Meteor 28JAN2014

TN IN KY IL WV OH ONT Fireball Meteor 28JAN2014

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
28JAN2014 Dan Phlegar Upper Arlington, oh 20:05:00 15 SW Deep red, orange Fireball like the sun, but red Tail was long and very wide It looked like a helicopter or plane had been shot down, exploded without losing its glow as it shot across the sky. Heading down fast enough that I thought it was going to hit just Southwest of Columbus. Must have been even bigger if it was actually heading toward KY.

28JAN2014 Jassica Lawrenceburg, IN USA 20:28:00 Less than 2 seconds Straight Down, far away Red, yellow, green, and Purple I think Not very bright, but colorful Too far away to telll It was very pretty, It scared me for a second. There was a plane flying by when in happened as well

28JAN2014 Jerrica west liberty, ky 20:15 pm eastern standard 4 seconds east Blue light. thought it was lightening at first. like lightening.. heat lightening no First thought it was lightening, then realized it was a blue hue instead of white, and there were NO clouds in the sky. when i got home others were calling and said they seen the same thing

28JAN2014 Sonny Cain Bloomington, Indiana USA APPROXIMATELY 9:27pm Eastern 2.5 sec High Southeastern sky to Horizon, Car facing southeast orange to white Venus a little more intense small amount of fragments Brightest point just behind fireball with a few fragments splitting from tail.

28JAN2014 Stacy Rottman Wooster, OH USA 8:45PM EST 30 sec United States in car - whitish fireball BRIGHT not seen WOW

28JAN2014 Kevin Ross Evans, WV 0830pm 1 sec into earth Green, Orange, Bluish, Purple sun no looked like we saw it crash into the woods

28JAN2014 Teresa Anderson, Indiana 20:21 EST About 2 seconds Looking SE, fireball travelled from upper left to lower right angle. White at first, then turned green About as bright as the moon I believe so, yes. No comments. 

28JAN2014 Stephanie and Kym Moore Urbana, ILL 20:15:00 2 seconds Facing south. Steep upper left to lower right. 45 degree above horizon to25 or 30 degrees. no sound. white and blue and am not sure due to short duration brighter than moon but not as bright as sun Could not tell but seemed to be in stages my husband and I both observed it. We live in the country and this was a rapid, bright, unusual event.

28JAN2014 Rex Speake Lancaster, KY 20:15:00 4 seconds N. Right to left facing north Yellow/green Several times brighter than brightest star Trailing illuminated debris No

28JAN2014 Doug Bercot Fort Wayne, IN 20:15:00 2-3 Seconds SE Broke up into several pieces, flash Small but very bright as it exploded Yes Heading mostly straight down

28JAN2014 Bob Tecumseh,Ontario,Canada 20:15,pm Eastern 2-4seconds I driving South, and the meteor was South West of me Ball of fire Almost like the color of a sunset It was leaving a trail behind It looked like a meteor 

28JAN2014 John Heale Smyrna, TN 19:30:00 CST 1 - 2 seconds in the East falling to the ground Yellow/Green with a white tail Like a Roman candle. It was so brief but it looked like it was coming apart. It looked like a Mortar fire work, but instead of going up is was being propelled down towards the ground very rapidly. 

28JAN2014 Holly Swanson Crossville, TN, USA 19:17/CST 6 seconds S, right to left, N White and green ball with orange fire behind.. disappeared as it fell a little brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun couldnt tell n/a

Emailed Report-
Yesterday, Jan 28th at 8:30 pm
On route 68, about one mile before Milhoan Ridge Road. Was headed south bound towards Ravenswood.
Burning blue and green with orange tail. Saw for about three seconds before losing sight due to trees. Erica R.

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