12 January 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11JAN2014

Worldwide Meteor Alert: Large Meteor Outburst Possible Near CERTAIN! 14JAN2014 - 31JAN2014
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Thank you Elias for the video!

The cosmic spectacles set to light up Chile's skies in 2014
The Santiago Times
Lunar eclipses, meteor showers and scientific breakthroughs promise to make 2014 an exciting year for astronomers, both amateur and professional.

18 noteworthy skywatching events in 2014VietNamNet Bridge
Quadrantids - one of the largest meteor showers in 2014 reached its maximum at dawn on January 4. The Quadrantids is the first major meteor shower ...

Selling Rocks from Outer Space: an Interview with ‘Meteorite Man’ Geoff Notkin
Universe Today - 9 hours
What’s the oldest thing you’ve ever held in your hand? A piece of petrified wood? A fossilized trilobite? A chunk of glacier-carved granite? ...

The Meteoric Rise of Life?
SPACE.com via Yahoo! News - 1 hour
Robin Wylie is a doctoral candidate in volcanology at University College London. He contributed this article to SPACE.com's Expert Voices: ...

Blue Meteor - Stargazers Lounge
Blue Meteor - posted in Observing - Widefield, Special Events and Comets: Last night 4 of us saw a blue meteor. In the North, fairly mid-low on the ...

Alan Hale: Earth's asteroid-detection capabilities are improvingAlamogordo Daily News - 21 hours
By Alan Hale For The Daily News This new year is a little more than a week old, yet it has already produced at least one notable astronomical ...

LIST | 2014 Meteor Showers for northeast Ohio - WKYC.com
Check out a list of the meteor showers notheast Ohio will see in 2014.

"Drop And Cover If You See A Bright Flash," Doctors Urge
Sacramento Bee
During the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor explosion, a fourth-grade teacher in Chelyabinsk, Yulia Karbysheva, saved 44 children from potentially ...

2014 The Year of CERTAIN Uncertainty; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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