11 January 2014

California Meteor 10JAN2014

California Meteor Approximately 1800 PST 10JAN2014 with Fragmentation
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California Meteor Approximately 1800 PST 10JAN2014 with Fragmentation
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
10JAN2014 Atul Ojha SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA Around 6 PM 5 I was Facing South, Saw Meteor going from NW to SE, I was on Capitol Avenue Bright Yellow Can saw was around Venus, Pretty big, fast, roundish shaped, falling down and extinguished nearby to mountain peaks Probably around Alum Rock side Round fire head, Yellowish, Falling with good speed, extinguished just above some mountain peak nearby, fire broke into pieces 

10JAN2014 Lia McCall Mountain View, CA, USA 17:50 (5:50 pm) PST 8 seconds W-E; R-L; I was facing East no Venus yes, large parts falling off for 1 second before burst beautiful to behold 

10JAN2014 Mare Hanley Goleta, CA USA 1750/PST 10 sec N by NW white and pale yellow bright flare yes, 5% of mass dropped behind no

10JAN2014 Mark San Jose, California about 6PM
I was standing near Aborn and White Road near the foothills of East San Jose, California.
I saw an unusual meteor in that it was like a fat car on it's side pushing down into the atmosphere with lots of sparks, not unlike a fireworks type of effect. It was fat. Then, it stopped quickly and I believe it was going in a trajectory of Yosemite, because it was not going at all toward Alum Rock Park but maybe 100 or 200 miles over about 30 miles to the East of Mt. Hamilton.
Because of the unusual, fat sparkler like effect, I think it could have been some kind of space junk put there by man. But not sure.

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