16 January 2014

Breaking News- Ireland, Isle of Man, UK Fireball Meteor 15JAN2014

Breaking News- Ireland, Isle of Man, UK Fireball Meteor Approx. 18.45  GMT 15JAN2014
With Fragmentation!
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Ireland, Isle of Man, UK Fireball Meteor Approx. 18.45  GMT 15JAN2014
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updates pending as more reports come in.
Report your meteor sightings please-

Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures; spread the word about this website via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, GLP, SOTT and your favorite forums; contact your local news outlets; thank you!
If you have video or photo captures please email me at LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15JAN2014 Jason Laxey, Isle of Man, UK 1900 5 secs s-N Orange Moon, bright! after 5 seconds split up, but went behind landscape Closest shooting star seen, ever

15JAN2014 Colin Bangor Northern Ireland 18:45:00 3 S to SE White Tail and turned red and broke up into three parts Jupiter 3 fast moving altitude of 21 degrees 

15JAN2014 Jolita G. Balbriggan,Co Dublin,Ireland 18.45 ~5secs E-N, from right to left, from 1 to 8 o'clock Orange,thick fiery tail, falling apart Moon Yes No 

15JAN2013 David Molloy Dublin, Ireland 1825GMT/BST 10-15 seconds Facing NE, traveling SW to NE Burning red-orange Very bright (Full moon visible) Couldn't say Very clear night, no photo or artwork. It was increasing and decreasing in brightness and colour during very short intervals

MBIQ Data Set-
Dunfermline, Fife arrived from bing.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching forMETEORITE 15 01 14.
08:35:45 -- 1 minute ago

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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