30 January 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30JAN2014

Russia, U.S. mulling over diversion of asteroid hazard
Russia Beyond The Headlines- January 29, 2014
Russia and the United States will pool efforts in the creation of asteroid
diversion techniques.
Russian Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov said in a video
link with the administrator of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA) it was time to work together to protect the Earth from asteroids
and meteorites. ...

'Rogue' asteroids may be the norm
A new map of the solar system's asteroids shows more diversity than previously
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - To get an idea of how the early solar system may have
formed, scientists often look to asteroids. These relics of rock and dust
represent what today's planets may have been before they differentiated
into bodies of core, mantle, and crust. ...

Planetary Protection: Preventing Microbes Hitchhiking to Space
European Space Agency- 29 January 2014
While astronauts might dream of discovering unknown life one day in their
future career, ESA's Planetary Protection Officer oversees activities
that achieve it on a regular basis. ...

This Is Nasa's Plan to Save Earth From Killer Asteroids
Huffington Post UK - Actually, quite a bit. While we aren't yet able to send up cosmic heroes to drill into asteroids and blow them up with nukes, we are better able than ever ...

Meteor fireball lights up night sky in Kentucky, 28 January 2014 ...
sott.net - Screencapture of a meteor fireball over Kentucky, 28 Jan. 2014, from a security camera. Google+ FB Share. It's something that has puzzled people ...

Chasing fireballs in the sky
Arizona Daily Star - A report of a fireball in the sky can launch him overseas in an instant. His passion started at the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase in the '90s.

Meteor lights up night sky
WSBT-TV - "You'll see here a flash coming in up at the top here, this is tell tale sign of a meteor or shooting star and you can see how it disappeared quite quickly," ...

Comet Impacts Jupiter - Discovery Channel
Fireballs from Space. Reenacting a Meteor's Impact. now playing. playclip 02:22. Fireballs from Space. The Yukon Meteor. now playing. playclip 02:47 ...

Fireball spotted in Kentucky sky
WKYT - RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A meteor was spotted in the Kentucky sky Tuesday night. Experts call it a fireball, a brighter version of a meteor.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Fire ball flies across Kentucky sky
WKYT - Allen added this is not the first time that camera has caught what they believe to be a meteorcrossing the sky. She said they captured a smaller one ...

College professor explains what meteors are
WKYT - A professor at Hazard Community and Technical College that specializes in astronomy tells WYMT a meteor is a piece of debris that enters our ...

NEW! Meteorite CAUGHT on security camera! 1/29/14 Seen over 8 ...
00:18 - ... ABOUT THE METEORITE WE GOT ON VIDEO :) http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/09/29/meteor-lights-up-night-phone-lines.html.

Bright Mid West Fireball | American Meteor Society
amsmeteors.org - The American Meteor Society has received over 100 reports of a bright fireball seen from mid western states at approximately 8:30 PM local eastern ...

Comets And Meteor Showers 2014 - YouTube
02:17 - NASA Comets And Meteor Showers Perseid Meteor Shower.---Please SUBSCRIBE to Science &amp Reason• • • • ---Have you ever wondered what ... 

Daily Mail - 8 hours
Last week the rock mysteriously appeared in front of the Opportunity rover on Mars, even though the same spot was empty a few days before.

Disappointing news for Roanoke meteor hunters
KHOU - FORT WORTH, Texas — Hundreds of people across North Texas were lucky enough to see ameteor streaking across the sky last Friday night.

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