05 January 2014

CT NJ NY MA ME Meteor 04JAN2014

CT NJ NY MA ME Meteor  Meteor Approx. 21: 20 EST  04JAN2014
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CT NJ NY MA ME Meteor  Meteor Approx. 21 20 EST  04JAN2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
04JAN2014 Indian Sky Watcher Burlington, CT USA EST 9:40PM 5 secs NW left to right big ball of white light less then sun but more then moon seemed to have tiny pieces falling off i've seen one before that was multi color, this one however was a white ball blazing through the sky, great show!

04JAN2014 Tom Brown Salem, CT, USA 21:25/EST/PM 3 secs NNE traveling N, facing NE Green, Double sonic boom brighter than Venus No Double boom

04JAN2014 Clyde & Debbie Friedman Melville, NY USA 21:22, EST 1-2 seconds Facing North saw orb shaped object traveling from R to L in Northerly direction Blue-green center white periphery, no sound Almost as bright as the moon two to three times larger than the brightest planet, i.e. Jupiter or Saturn No tail, no fragmentation Traveling very quickly, first sighted about midway from treetops to straight up

04JAN2014 Mary Doherty TAUNTON, MA USA 21:20:00 I only caught it as I walked around building 5 seconds Right to left WHITE/bright red Light a firework Burned out Cylindrical cone where bottom was widest and bright white w red ring before it burned out

04JAN2014 John Bickerstaff II Berwick ME USA 9: 20 EST PM 5 secs W to E traveling east Bright white moon no Very large, possible remains

04JAN2014 edward River Vale 9:17:00 5 seconds is all i saw i was facing left and it went from the right side to left it was blue and neon greenish like a light show didn't see but don't think so looked like it flew toward west new york area

04JAN2014 Marlana Johnson Hanover, MA USA 21:15 pm 5 sec South Blue/white Very bright Not that I saw Looked like type of fireball but then dissipated

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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