25 December 2011

Breaking Major News - MBIQ Indicates Large Bolide Meteor Fireball Seen in Germany, Holland, France, Luxenbourg 24DEC2011

Breaking Major News - MBIQ Indicates Large Bolide Meteor Fireball Seen in Germany, Holland, France, Luxenbourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, and the Czech Republic ~17:30 (GMT+1) 24DEC2011 Meteor or Space Trash?  Duration indicates Space Trash But NOT Confirmed.
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Researcher Daniel Fischer, Germany, writes:
It's already obvious that these reports - as well as the panicky eyewitness video http://yfrog.com/7251452653z 
- refer to the reentry ofthe upper stage of the Soyuz that launched the last ISS crew increment:
(found this all out within minutes thanks to Twitter, by the way). Funny a Dutchman was aboard, and now the debris has burned up over the Netherlands. :-)

Komet über Deutschland am 24.12.2011
Uploaded to YouTube by on 24 Dec 2011 21,329 views

Uploaded by on Dec 24, 2011 146 views
Filmed from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Uploaded on YouTube by on Dec 24, 2011108 views

Sighting Reports Thus Far; Thank YOU ALL! :
Sighting Reports for Germany / Europe Soyuz Trash Bolide Meteor Fireball 24DEC2011
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24DEC2011 Chris Fischer Vaihingen a.d. Enz, Germany 17:30 CET 20-30 W-E White, no sound Slightly darker than moon. Dense cluster of fragments. Shortly disappeared behind clouds.

24/12/2011 Marco Hofmann Magdeburg/ Sachsen-Anhalt 17:30:00 15-20 sec N-W Yellow- white large tail with fire Moon After 20 seconds it split into fragments In the German TV news told that it could be a burnt piece of a space rocket.

24DEC2011 Leon van de Peppel Arnhem 17:30 CET About 20 sec. what i saw SW;NE White, Yellow brighter then the Moon Long stream of fragments behind (tail) No

24dec2011 Gerjan krul Nieuwleusen, netherlands 17:25 gmt+ 1 30 Right to left Yellow Brighter theb venus Last 5 seconds there were parts falling off. I was walking the dog when i looked in the sky, I thought it was a plane, but there were no blinking lights. I could watch it for 30 secs. It was bright yellow with a long tale. At last it fell a part and it vanished. My firts thought: WTF?!


12/24/2011 Davide Pirotti TORINO ( ITALY ) 17.30 CET 30 to 40 sec West to East warm white t oyellow more than moon 2 fragments - big vapour trail Impressive

24Dez2011 Birgit Haas Sprendlingen/Deutschland 17.35 50 Right to Left white/yellow Fireball 5-6 Fragment Es sah aus wie eine riesen Sternschnuppe mit sehr langem weissen Schweif, sehr schnell und kurz vor dem Verschwinden zerteilte sich der Feuerball noch einmal

24DEC2011 Katie Waiblingen, Germany 17:30/ CET 5-15 sec West to East Red, White, Orange, Yellow At least moon, maybe more Yes, 5 or 6 big pieces, more smaller ones (at least 10-12 total) Incredible, never seen anything like it before, Had a tail, long and thick

12/24/2011 Allison Reed Dijon, France 17:30:00 15-30 seconds possibly Left to Right White light; no sound Approximate brightness of moon There was a tail akin to a comet Very bright ball with a long tail. It lasted fir a remarkable length of time.

24DEC2011 Elisa Rhode Saint Genese (near Brussels), BELGIUM 17.25 UTC+1 15 seconds, but did not see the beginning SW-E very bright, warm colours, some fog around it, extremely long and thick tail, soundless quite bright i did not see fragments, but i only saw the last 15 seconds before it disappeared towards the horizon the warm colours that i saw (yellow/pink) might have been influenced by the remainder of the sun, as the sky was not entirely dark yet

24DEC2011 COUSSOT Jean-Louis Mâcon - France 16 h 30 zulu time  (17 h 30 local time) seen 10-15 second, then was masqued by clouds from west to east very white, can't ear sound because I was driving my car more than venus no fragments, but a nice tail Time is aproximative, I vas driving and I did'nt look at my clock. From Mâcon, it was 20-30° above horizon.

24Dec2011 Romain Halle/Saale, Germany 17:24 MET max. 20 sec East Right to Left yellow, red sparkles, no sound audible airplane searchlight a lot of fading fragments I've seen a lightball up to an minute before the major event. Unfortunally the sky was cloudy so it might be possible that the object travels from south to east.

12/24/2011 OLIVIER FILLER Forbach 17.35 1min 17.32 / 17.34 Sun / red no sound As sun I think there were fragment falled but I dont know where It was so big, big duration, brightness. It break in two parts

24dec2011 Fabian vermin Dinteloord, netherlands 17:30:00 15 sec W;S-E Large Gore Moon S-E Bright fire stripe

24DEC2011 Jutta Muehlsteff DRENSTEINFURT near MUENSTER, GERMANY 17:27/ CET 20 - 30 sec from right to left, W-E nothing heard, saw a huge burning object, first thought that it was something like an airplane crashing down/the object was orange and yellow, so actually looking like fire nearly as bright as the sun no fragments it seemed very close to earth and had an increasing speed

24.12.2011 Alex South Hameln Germany 16.3 3o secs west to east white/ orange venus broke up as we watched Tail bcame wider once broke up.

24/12/2011 BERNARD Mélanie Pierrefontaine les Blamont, France 17h27 2 min West-East yellow orange with white tail sun yes impressed

24.12.2011 Marie Polli Lugano Switzerland 17.30 +1gmt 30 sec. 17.30 from W to E, I was travelling from S to N any sound, yellow very brightness very big, it disappear over the mountains very beautiful

24dec2011 Hermann Meurer Hodeng Au Bosc 17.30 CET 45 sec SE - NW Bright clear Light Sun tail of burning fragments Low tractory - almost like airplane but to fast.

24DEC2011 Marcel Büdingen, Germany 17:25:00 45 sec S-W;N-E No sound Bright Not where I live. Most likely everything burned during the re-entry I took a video and posted it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyC_fNsQ2mg

24DEC2011 Ttony Luxembourg city Approx 17.30 8 seconds East to West White with tail of debris Bright Parts falling off towards the West Very bright and large

24DEC2011 Achim Maier Lutzerath, Eifel, Germany approx. 17:25 1 Minute From West to East bright yellow-white, flamelike tail. The travelling path could be seen over a long time and distance. At the end it disintegrated completly. Moonlike Brightness Loads of parts breaking away. Incredible sight. Where 3 eye-whitnessses who never saw something like this before. First thought of a plane crashing.

24Dec2011 stefan albers Münster Germany ca. 17:30+x ca 90 sec wsw / ese - right to left One very bright, white, shining Objekt with a very long fire tail. After ca. 20 sec the objekt fell apart into several smaler objekts loosing its brightness. The smaller objekts had a more orange/yellow color. From our location the objekt fell apart in the south. The group of smaller objekts disapeared east/south/east of our location. The flightway was nearly horizontal, speed constant untill it fell apart then becoming little slower. bright fireball one objekt very bright, falling apart into 5-10 smaller p sorry, no photo

24DEC2011 Katherine Baumholder, Germany 1730 45 seconds Right to Left Fire Ball looking with a really long tail Sun Looked like sparklers falling off It was very big.  The way I could best describe it is as a "shooting star" but very large and very slow.  If a shooting star was extremely close to earth, I imagine this is what it would look like.  At first we were scared, we didn't know if it was a plane on fire and decending.  We watched it for about 45 seconds then it passed behind our building.

24DEC2011 onurb BEAUNE 17h30 (GMT+1) 60sec NO-NE yellow/orange venus smalls explosions yellow/orange with smalls fragments

24DEC2011 Klaus ZErhaft 86633 Neuburg, GErmany ca 17:30 CET ca 20 sec due to clouds NW to NE yellowish sparkling no sound brighter than moon first two parts, then one in front, at least eight smaller  following no

24DEZ2011 Christian Niederauer Landshut, Germany 17.30  (mesz+1) 10 left to right white color moon many fragments -

24Dec2011 Henning and Dina Lueneburg, Germany 17.30 (GMT+1) 30 N-E green, yellow, red moon one piece falling apart into ~5 bigger ones seemed to be slow, maybe bigger distance form earth?

24DEZ2011 Daniel Schmidt Solingen, Germany 17:37 h , CET 20 - 30 sec W-E He looks like Burning. I think he exploded. Five to ten seconds later there was a bang The brightness was changed frequently. I don't know. I think he is exploded. Was it a Meteor ?

24DEC11 Erica Gaiberg, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany 1740 Central European Time 1-2 minutes all the way across the sky, west to east Yellow in color Same as moon, VERY bright long stream of fragments behind (tail) This was incredible.

24DEC2011 Joseph Martin Kaiserslautern, Germany 1730L 30 Sec NW Yellow/Orange Moon Yes.  Parts falling off. Looking west from Kaisreslautern

24DEC2011 Isaac David Mühlhausen Thüringen Germany 17:45 CET 30 sec S-W;N-E. Bright white and yellow Moon brightness After 20 seconds it split into fragments It was a big fireball with a long tale that lit up the sky, and after a few seconds it crumbled into smaller fragments

24DEC2011 Alain Avelgem, BELGIUM 1730 A One minute Direction of Travel: NORTH-EAST, Yellow Very bright No fragment, lots of sparks Probably flew over Brussels

24DEC2011 Angela Pforzheim, Germany 21:14:00 Very long, you could tell it was bright until it crashed West/East White in color. no sound, saw huge thick tail.. Split in two while breaking up.. HUGE SUN Yes, Broke in 2 Very big and bright, huge tail..definitely crashed on Earth

24/12/2011 David Finch Dusseldorf, Germany 17:20 CET approximately 2 minutes wsw-ene Yellow ball with trailing contrail, eventually broke into multiple smaller fragments brighter than anything else in the sky Fragments continuing in same direction as original object but with gradually trajectorieswidening N/A

24DEC2011 Dick vd Knaap HENGELO NETHERLANDS 17.25  utc+1 over 2 minutes SW-SW abt 10-15 degr above horizon mainly white larger then venus yes maybe piece of spacejunk?

24Dec2011 Kai Schakowski Essen, Germany 17:30 EET 30 sec SSE-SEE red/orange fireball I don't know Only eyewitnesses

24DEC2011 Thorsten & Thordis Nieder-Olm, Germany 17:30:00 40 sec West to East white, red sparkles,   brighter than Venus, less than moon Yes Amazing

24.12.2011 Joshua Luke Claudio Nürburgring Eifel Germany 5.30 p. M. App. 1 Minute West to East Bright yellowish to Orange Moon - Very Long duration...Must have been THE xmas star : ) the Timeline coincidence is quite baffling

24/12/2011 Jan Boertien Emmen, The Netherlands 17.25 app. 2 minutes Right to Left Yellow/white large tail with fire(20x object) Moon In the large tail sometimes fire pieces small film off bad quality

24DEC2011 Julien Mainz, Germany 1730 UTC+1 over 30 sec WSW-ESE yellow, white / no sound heard Very bright (as the moon) yes Never seen that before, very bright and big, a vapor trail behind was visible, it disappeared behind buildings. For a shooting star it was very big and slow but for an aircraft it was way too fast!

24DEC2011 Angelika Humbert Griesheim, Germany 17:30 CET 25sec W-E White, blue, bright Moon fragments, 4 seems to burn

24.12.2011 Stefan Meckenheim 17:22:00 25 sec. N-S Yellow-oragnge bright Yes no

24DEC2011 Kevin Platzer Mindelheim, Germany 17:32:00 20 sec W-E yellow/red moon No Fragment Noting

24DEC2011 Chris Steinsel, Luxembourg 17:28 CET 30 sec W orange/red brighter than Venus some, very small it was definitely Santa Claus!  :)

24DEC2011 Elvin Metz, France 17:45 pm 30 sec W-E No sound, the ball was big and very bright, with a very long tail of different colors Sun Yes I noticed small parts falling of while going towards east

24DEC2011 François W Peruwelz, Belgium 17h20 15-20sec E right to left white hight yes amazing!

24Dec2011 Gretchen Kuchta Brucken(Pfalz), Germany 17:30:00 Over 1 minute W-E Large yellow/orange ball with tail and fragments Brighter than moon Yes many fragments Left a trail like a plane in the sky. Something was definitely burning.

24DEC2011 Andy Montfort 17:25 CET 10 sec-20 sec Travelling from south to nord. didn't stop in the sky, but disappeared behind the trees. Red/orange color without sound A bit brighter than the moon Didn't see there where falling part off Pretty long lightstream

24DEC2011 Karolina Dudelange, Luxembourg 17:30:00 20sec W-E One bright yellow/orange object with long tail, sparkle fire. Constant speed. No sound. Moon, warm colors Lot of parts coming off Something burning, probably not a plane because of horizontal path.

24/12/2011 massimo Como, Italy 17:30:00 30-40 SECONDS W-E long yellow/orange tail. body brighter. No sound very bright long tail of fragments never seen something similar; I even thought it was a plane in flames. It seemed very close.

24.12.2011 Diego&Juanita Moenchengladbach-rheydt, Germanz 17:30:00 around 30 seconds direction east. no sound, wide and long bright yellow comet shaped brighter than Venus no parts falling of, but a wide stripe Looked as it was not flying too high, it seemed more as an airplane in flames from our point of view

24DEC2011 LolaG Luxembourg 17:30:00 90 sec E-W Yellow, long tail moon moon Video

12/24/2011 Ulrich Schäffer Bensheim/Hesse/Germany 17:40 CET 10 s - disappeared behind Bergstrasse mountains Direction: East yellow and white light. Span about 10 degrees. Moved quickly. No sound. between venus and moon multiple fragments - 5-10 pieces. one large one at the top Bearing: east

24DEZ2011 Frank Grajetzky 59174 Kamen Germany ~17:30? 10-20sec SW/SE light rumble full moon yes, 4-5 It went from SW over S to SE Before moving out of view it fell apart. Somehow I had the impression that it was quite near and round about 30° above horizon.

24.12.2011 Bernd and Nadine Gerchsheim, Germany 17:23  GMT+1 more than 30 seconds W-E bright white similar to the moonlight - Quite amazing.We were deeply impressed. And this at Chrismas evening- we also thought of "Star of Bethlehem".

24DEZ2011 Nepomuk GIessen 17:20 MEZ 15sec W-E orange red white moon No it looked like the Christmas Star

24DEC2011 ROGER SIEUW 7910 WATTRIPONT BELGIUM +/- 5.25 pm (GMT+1) About 15 sec from W to NE/E Long Yellow trail of fire Brighter than moonlight, more yellow/orange color No Was just going to enter my car

24.12.2011 Jürgen Lux Kaiserslautern, Germany ca. 17:25 seen for 5-10 sec east of Fischbach very brigh with white, yellow, red tail very bright (at least as bright as moon) no never seen such a bright observation before

24DEC2011 Nathalie Huncherange, Luxembourg +/- 17.30 30 sec - 1m east to west no sound, white very bright, moon no no

24DEC2011 Benno Reinhard Vaihingen, Enz, Germany 17:20:00 about 30 sec S,N changed from bright white to orange/red bright like a plane landing started with one shining point, broke apart to 2,3 parts, later about 10 parts raining to earth at the horizon remembered me to pictures of the space shuttle crash in 2002

24.12.2011 Ramoner H. LAIVES, LEIFERS, ITALY 17:25 (Timezone +1) 10 sec (house blocked the vision) from W to E Bright Fireball, emitting sparks Venus emitting sparks no

24Dec2011 Sharma Luxembourg ville, Luxembourg 17:30 hrs CET 10 sec West to East white and yellow head with tail Very bright no parts falling...disappeared after following an arc path it was very bright and was not sure what it was. 4 of us saw if from terrace

12/24/2011 Ronnie Sawyer Kaiserslautern Germany 1720 15-25 right to left light orange, yellow, glittery moon no, was entact thinking space trash, I have seen comets, and meteor showers. This was not one of the two.

24Dec2011 Mark Christensen Mackenbach, Germany 1730 CET 45-60 seconds. From the western horizon it traveled directly east overhead until far east of me. Yellow and orange.  Could see disintegration as pieces fell off. Brighter than the moon. Many fragments. It looked like it broke up and stopped glowing, maybe pieces fell to the east of me (but at that height could be many miles).

24DEC2011 Alex D Euskirchen, Germany 17:29 MEWT 25 sec (i guess i saw the last 1/3 of its way, so it must have been about 1,5 min in total) from S to W in 50-100 km distance east from Euskirchen when i noticed it i thought i saw a glowing can with a tail of fire. when i opened the window (coz reflexion) the object was completely covered in flames and a few pieces fell off. Color was that of a normal fire, yellow/orange. I think i saw something glowing white before i opened the window, could be my imagination tho. same as a burning house (or two) Yes, there were about 5-10 parts falling off a once in a lifetime experience. i like to watch the sky, so i saw something similiar, but way smaler once. (duration 10 sec, fireball falling then burning up in atmosphere, same speed, same colour). this object was too slow for a meteor and way toooo fast for a plane, i guess it was about the speed of a satelite, maby a bit slower, but it was bigger than a satelite. i guess it was the size of a wagon (train). the vector and altitude were unique. it seemed like a landing plane, so the kinetic energy must have been enormous, wich means that it was a very massive object, not a rock or ice, but steel. I guess it is either a part of a space station or a massive piece of space junk. in any case, it was stunning. a nice little xmas present from the heavens ;)

24DEC2011 Andrea Hoehn Leimrieth/Thuringia/ GER 17.30 EST at least 30 secs W-E / left to right yellow to orange/ no sound bright like the moon one bigger centrepiece with a few smaller pieces surrounding that Maybe the star of Bethlehem again?

24DEC2011 Mathias Debonne KORTRIJK 17:00 CET About 15 sec Right to Left Bright Yellow/Orange As bright as fireworks Don't know /

24DEC2011 Peter Kirkel / Saarland   GER ca. 17:30 longer than 30sec from east to west, nearly zenith position, slow movement Colors were  bright yellow, orange and white. first looked like ISS passing by,   then I could see a faint stream like seen on high-flying airplanes, this stream remained for few minutes at the sky. no sound brighter than venus It looked  like it´s been torn in fragments, did not see it exactly. No falling parts seen. never seen this before,  really amazing, perfectly matching for  X-mas when we were walking around in the fields with the children

24/11/2011 Chris Robinson Stuttgart 17: 28 20 seconds NW to SE Left to Right Bright mixture of white and yellow tail orange and red speckled head The tail was bright white A very long tail that spanned at least half the sky At first I thought it was a low flying jet because it seemed to have 4 separate trails.It seemed to stop quickly at this point it bcame obscured by clouds but th eglow of the trail filtered through the cloud.

24DEC2011 Danny Olson TOFTLUND, DENMARK 17:27 UTC+1h 30 W-E WHITISH YELLOW Nearly as Venus Fragments and spreading trail I have discovered that my sighting was of Expedition 30's Soyuz booster.

24.12.2011 Marko Fuchs Breitingen (near Ulm) South Germany, in between Stuttgart and Munich. approx 17:30 15 sec at least left-right / west-east Bright white, approx size in the sky of a fighter jet but about 20-30% faster I would say. No sound. Looked very close, saw it cover the whole sky, before it disappeared behind a low hill facing far west. As it disappeared it was starting to break up into fragments. Far east above cloud level, far east I would say below. Bright white Yes, as I faced east. A breathtaking sight!

12/24/2011 francis whiting langres france 17.25  cet 15 sec sw----ne white moon long tail fantastic!

24/12/2011 Siva Lübeck 17.3 45 sec. From Left to Right over the whole horizont white Yellow Orange 10x venus maybe baltic sea north over berlin? we try

12/24/2011 Buck Spangdahlem AB, Germany Approx 1530 More than 2 minutes, children saw it....we ran to watch, showed dad through separate room, run outdoors and then get neighbor to watch with us. Right to left Yellow ball, white....glowing orange, looked to be on fire.   Extremly bright, looked to be on fire. Yes!  Husband saw it split off into at least different pieces each with their own tail.  We saw them disintegrate among the trees behind our home. Awesome site!  Thought satellite or possibly a plane crash since we are on a military base, quite scary.

24DEC2011 Michael Thurn 79853 Lenzkirch GERMANY est. 17:30 10 -15 s est. W-O white yellow sun yes impressive - never seen before

24.12.2011 Gerhard Neinert 61381 Friedrichsdorf Germany 17:30 GMT+1 30sec started at SE Declination 70° going east no sound - white and red like the moon behind some clouds - not too bright but still eye-catching seemed to be hundreds of parts arround it - many sparks fireball with a lot of "sparks" arround and in its tail - visible for about 30seconds - turned dark red and vanished about 15° above the horizon (behind the clouds?) I'm still wondering why I could see this because at the time the sky was cloudy - was it beneath the clouds? ... or was it so bright that it shone through the clouds?

24DEZ2011 Michael Lörrach (BW), Germany ~ 17:30 MEZ (UTC +1:00) 10 - 15 sec. W-E no noice seems to burn no parts falling off This picture nearly describes what we saw: Img_16_9_450_32390328.jpg1474129217090178559.jpg

24th dec 2011 Fernie Kaiserslautern 1730 60sec or longer heading towards mainz Ball of white no sound bright like the sun looked like behind it All I could think is WTF what ever it was it was traveling fast and about 15 mins latter I heard a two booming sounds, what ever it was it sounded like it crashed! I never seen anything like this in my life!

24DEC2011 Brynn & Tommy Neuwied, Germany 17:30 Timezone CET 30 seconds From East to West and From Right to Left White ball, did not hear anything. Unnaturally lighter and brighter than the moon.   There was a tail, it did not look parts were falling off.   It looked like it was burning and the tail was very long and stayed in the sky for a considerable amount of time.  It was slow moving too.  (not like anything we have ever seen before.)

24DEC2011 Angela Munich, Germany Around 17.30 Less than 1 minute Left to Right White of a group of circa 7 stars. Not seperately, but more like in a bunch. Like falling star, but this time is around 7 stars at the same time. I don't think so. It happened so fast so I cannot take picture or video.

24.12.2011 Hana Pilsen, Czech Rep. 17.29 aprox. 20-25 sec. NW to NE glowing yellow ball with a long tail and followed by many other smaller balls with tails also. bright  and warm collors of sun Parts following the main one wow...amazing spectacle

24DEC2011 Jennifer Euerbach, Germany (Bavaria) 17:30 CET 30-45 seconds right to left white/yellowish very bright, like a fireball At first, no fragment. Just a big ball of fire. Then, after it made an arc over my head, it fell to the left and broke into a few pieces. Started like a big fireball coming from the right. I thought it was some kind of shuttle taking off, which made no sense. Then, as it came closer, the big fireball began to arc right over my head and I saw it had a long white tail. As it continued it's journey, it broke off into pieces and almost seemed to glitter as the white tail followed behind. And then, after it had passed over me, it began to fall to the left and eventually burned out or something. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. It was like those fake xmas ornaments with a star and a tail trailing behind it. Execept it was real. Just a beautiful fireball of white with a white tail arching across the clear black sky.

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