23 December 2011

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23DEC2011

Meteor Activity Outlook for December 17-23, 2011 | American ...
The half illuminated moon is still very bright and must be kept out of your field of view for successfulmeteor observations. During this period, the evening hours, ...

Mysterious Ball Drops from Space in Namibia - Fuel Tank!
other story Space Ball article:
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Attack of The Blob
Worcester News
Many theories suggest star jelly is deposited on earth during meteor showers, while the gel may have paranormal origins or could even just be the remains of dead frogs. Chris Livingstone, chair-man of the Worcester Astronomical Society, confirmed there ...

Star Jelly!- Astromyxin 

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Sorry NOT A Meteorite Find in Woodville, ONT- Crushed basalt!!!

We Found The Selwyn Meteor!! - YouTube 
2 min
We believe that we have found the meteor. (Read More) What we have wasn't there before ...

Sorry NOT A Meteorite Find in Woodville, ONT- crushed basalt!!!

Cold weather provides prime landscape for stargazers
Northwest Herald
meteor shower is expected to peak in the area in January, so local astronomers are crossing their fingers for clear weather to catch the show. The next meteor show should peak Jan 3. Galaxies also can be quite impressive this time of year. ...

Meteorite Didn't Start Today's Six Alarm Fire in San Francisco
Twitter is going insane with talk of a meteorite possibly causing today's fire in San Francisco's Western Addition. It's all based on a blurry (they're always burry) photograph. Guess, what, that didn't happen. I made a quick call to NASA to see if ...

Oft-overlooked Ursid meteor shower to reach its peak
This sky map shows the location of the constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear), the star pattern from which the annual Ursid meteor shower appears to radiate. This map shows where to look at 10 pm local time on Thursday (Dec. ...

December's Ursid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
by Joe Rao, SPACE.com Skywatching Columnist When skywatchers think of meteor showers during the month of December, they immediately think of the Geminids, which over the years has evolved into the most prolific and reliable of the dozen or so annual ...