24 December 2011

Breaking News: ID, MT, WA, OR; BC, Canada Meteor Fireball 23DEC2011

Breaking News: ID, MT, WA, OR, USA/ BC, Canada Meteor Fireball ~17:15PST/18:15MST 23DEC2011
WA, OR, ID, MT, USA/ BC, Canada Meteor Fireball 23DEC2011
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12DEC2011 Kevin Dellinger Malaga, WA USA 17:15 PST 3-4 Seconds W-E  Right to Left White,Blue   NO Sound Moon Yes One bright solid object with bright smaller peices trailing behind and they fell off. White & Blue in color.

23DEC2011 Joshua Kent Boardman, OR 19:15 approximately 3 seconds from oregon it looked as if it fell from the northwest to northeast, left to right from perspective, provably over northern washington is the approximate location bright color, blueish green, broke into orange pieces half as bright as moon at end of travel broke into pieces as if shatterred I have never seen anything like it, very impressive

23DEC2011 Mark Townsend Potlatch , Idaho 1717 3 to 4 seconds West /Northwest Blueish /Greenish White Venus or a bit more bright no Descending from 10o'clock to 4 when looking west/ NW

23DEC2011 Pamela Small Corvallis, Montana usa 18:15 MST  5 sec nw first white with tail, then green venus there was a trail my husband thought it was a roman candle

23DEC2011 Mary Ashar Spokane, WA, USA 17:32:00 3 sec right to left whiteish, red flames heard it hit ground aprox .5 mi away, sounded like it hit a metal roof moon didn't appear to be looked about the size of a basketball falling

23DEC2011 Ana Spokane Valley, Wa approx 17:00 pst 4 SE - NW Left to Right greenish, with trail Same as Venus Yes! Very cool, Never seen anything like it!

23DEC2011 Randy Larsen Post Falls ID 17:15 (pst) 4 secs West, going form S to N Large bright streak breaking up while traveling down. Sun Yes From South to North direction

23DEC2011 Ben Tolson Addy, Wa. USA 1730 Pacific 3 sec E-W Brilliant Blue White Sun no 1/5 size of moon

23DEC2011 Lauryn Long Pasco, WA USA 1716 Pacific time 2-3 sec (from the time I noticed it till it was gone) NW left to right green in color with a green tail and then broke up into yellow/orange pieces then disappeared. Glowing green At the end right before it disappeared hadn't seen anything that seemed so close before.

23DEC2011 Deborah Cooper Ashford, Wa. USA 17:15:00 About 10-12 sec from the south to the north, traveling as if in an arc this was a huge glowing greenish blue ball, it appeared to hit into Mount Beljeka, just NW of Mt Rainier. This is the 2nd one to travel the path and hit in the same spot. The first one (the smaller of the 2) flashed a brilliant white when it "appeared" to hit. As bright as the sun, but greenish blue in color No fragments seen Absolutely awesome. These are way bigger than any shooting star or meteor I have ever seen.

23Dec2011 Robert Erickson Victoria/British Columbia, Canada 17:17 PST 2 secs Zenith to NE Blue Brighter than the moon ? Tail 10 times longer than diameter

23DEC2011 R and D Johnson 5 miles northeast of Castlegar, BC 17:16 PST 3-4 sec looking to the southwest, it seemed to travel slightly right to left but mainly downward like a flare bright greenish flaming light moon did not appear to be; it was flaming It was a greenish fireball, perhaps as large as one-tenth a full moon. It disappeared abrupty, perhaps behind distant mountains. It was at the 7:00 position from a bright planet, probably Venus; we were driving a highway.

23DEC2011 Michele Galua KUNA, Idaho, USA 19:15 MST 5 sec NE-NW bright WHITE with LONG WHITE tail Venus No fragments It was moving in a downward arc, not like a shooting star.

23DEC2011 Gebhart New Plymouth, Idaho 19:00 MST 4 seconds in the northwest, from south to north Long tail, green moon shower of fragments behind near end of streak awesome
23DEC2011 Jacob Smith Keizer, Oregon 17:15 PST 4 sec N-E Green, White, Blue moon no very slow, did not burn up in atmosphere

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