30 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30APR2017

Sheriff's Dashcam Captures Meteor in Florida Keys
Yahoo News
A bright meteor sped across the skies in the lower Florida Keys on April 25, and the flash was caught on a Monroe County sheriff deputy's dashcam.

Meteor Infrasound A Meteor That Explodes In The At...
Meteor Infrasound A meteor that explodes in the atmosphere creates infrasound waves that can travel multiple times around the globe. One such ...

Eta Aquarids, Eta Lyrids are May meteor showers of note
New Jersey Herald
There are two meteor showers of note next month: the Eta Aquarids, one of two showers coming from debris of Halley Comet, peaking on the night of ...

Umpqua Star Gazer: Multiple meteor showers to occur in May
Jupiter rules the evening sky. Look toward the southeast, as the sky darkens, to spot Jupiter about 30 degrees above the horizon. You can't miss this ...

What's Up in the Sky: Meteor shower peaks Friday; check out the Beehive
Akron Beacon Journal
The first of May shows Jupiter (in Virgo) and Mars (in Taurus) opposite one another in the early evening sky. Saturn rises in Sagittarius right after ...

When, where should you watch Perseid meteor shower?
The peak of the Perseid meteor shower is expected to be highly visible across Northern California early Friday morning, but when can you see it?

THE SKY THIS MONTH: The May Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower
The Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower peaks May 5 and is best seen lying on a lounge chair in a dark location away from city lights after midnight.

Skywatch: See meteor showers on Friday and Saturday mornings
Tulsa World
Friday: If you are having trouble sleeping, head outside and try your luck with the Eta Aquariad's meteor shower. The best time is just before dawn ...

Monument could prove advanced civilisation existed 13000 years ago
Daily Star
Hancock thinks what hit Earth in 10,950BC was actually a massive piece of debris in the Taurid meteor stream, a belt containing millions of space ...---Mr. Graham Hancock is a nut-job and NOT a scientist!

Timetable of upcoming Meteor Showers
This list compiles the time period of activity and the date of maximum of known meteor showers. The calculated zenithal hour rate (ZHR) and meteor ...

Reports Report 1528d (Event 1528-2017)
American Meteor Society
Persistent train. Observation, Yes. Duration, 2s. Length, -. Remarks, the persistent train was as wide as the fire ball which was huge - almost the size of ...

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