11 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11APR2017

Meteor Captured on California Dashcam from April 10, 2017
An Uber drivers dashcam caught the following video of a very bright meteor coming down over California on April 10, 2017 in the Newport Beach/San ...

Meteor lights up San Diego sky
Washington Post
April 11, 2017 1:17 PM EDT - A meteor shot across the San Diego sky on April 10. This video shows the fireball over Orange County. (Ryan Bracci) ...

Woman "videobombed" by bright fireball during live-stream in Calif. backyard
CBS News
Hundreds of people witnessed a bright meteor flash across the sky in southern California Monday night. San Diego-area resident Dale Demi was one ...

Meteor Over Los Angeles - March 10, 2017
A meteor was caught on my South West facing Nest Cam at precisely 8:58PM and 12 seconds, March 10, 2017.

Meteor Spotted Over Orange County
Courtesy: Ryan Bracci via Storyful This video has been uploaded for use by Storyful's subscription clients with the permission of the content owner.

20170410 I5 OC Meteor
This video was captured by my car cam on I5 South near Oso Parkway on 4/10/17 at about 8:58PM. It's been slowed down and cropped from the ...

Possible meteor lights up California night sky
ABC News
A possible meteor was caught on video lighting up the night sky in California.

Mysterious fireball shooting across sky was meteor
SAN DIEGO (KRON) — A fireball shot across the skies over part of the Western United States on Monday night. A woman was live streaming the video ...

Meteor makes cameo during woman's video chat
A meteor makes a cameo during a woman's video chat in San Bernardino, California.

Bright Fireball over San Diego, CA
American Meteor Society
about of a fireball event over seen over San Diego, CA on Monday, April 10th 2017 around 9:00pm PDT (April 11th – 04:00 UT.). The fireball was seen ...

Events in 2017 1298-2017 KML
Fireball event
IMO received 264 reports about a fireball seen over AZ, CA, Baja California, MA, NV and NM on Tuesday, April 11th 2017 around 04:01 UT.

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