25 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25APR2017

Asteroid hurtled TERRIFYINGLY close to Earth while Brits were in bed
Daily Star
A DEADLY asteroid the size of two double-decker buses nearly slammed into the Earth while Brits were tucked up in bed last night.

Huge meteor last night?
Cloudy Nights
From NE to NW at around 9pm Houston central time. It was very bright much like fireworks Roman candle. Could it be a meteor or fallen space debris?

Blasts from the Past: Old Nuke Test Films Offer New Insights [Video]
Scientific American
Then, the air becomes transparent and the hot gases inside the fireball are able to escape, producing the second light pulse. At its brightest point, it is ...

Meteor shower seen from the Changbai Mountains
The second largest meteor shower, the Lyrids, was recorded by professional photographers from this mountain range in China.

April 21/22, 2017 April Lyrid maximum observations from north Florida
Meteor News
Five members of the Ancient City Astronomy Club (ACAC), St. Augustine, Florida had a pretty good look at the 2017 April Lyrid (LYR) maximum on ...

Lyrid meteor shower lights up skies in Northeast China in this timelapse video
Fast motion cameras caught the spectacle of the Lyrid meteor shower blazing over the skies of Jilin Province, Northeast China over the weekend.

Raining stars
I prepared for a deluge, but this morning's Lyrid meteor shower was more like a sprinkle. Over five hours (11:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.), only three meteors ...

Lyrid Meteor Shower April 2017
Lyrid Meteor Shower April 23rd 2017 captured on Mt Buninyong, Victoria Australia. Cloud on the night interfered with the amount of Meteors visible but ...

Climate Change Period Caused By Comet Crash, Ancient Carvings Show
International Business Times
“The people of Göbekli Tepe appear to have had a special interest in the Taurid meteor stream, the same meteor stream that is proposed as ...Graham Hancock pseudo science!

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