19 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19APR2017

Kilometre-long asteroid 2014-JO25 - named 'The Rock' - to fly past Earth on Thursday
The Sydney Morning Herald
People look at what scientists believe to be a chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which exploded over Russia in 2013. Photo: AP. Dr Tucker said: "Our ...

NASA's plan for when the next asteroid strikes Earth
When a 65-foot-wide meteor exploded in the sky on Feb. 15, 2013 with the power of 20 atomic bombs, Vladimir Petrov was 20 miles directly below it, ...

Lyrid meteor shower 2017 in Australia: Four things to know about the April Lyrids [VIDEO]
International Business Times AU
The Lyrid meteor shower is almost at its peak, which is expected to happen on Saturday, April 22 up to Sunday, April 23. The April Lyrids (LYR, IAU ...

Meteor shower to illuminate Nepal sky in Baisakh
The Kathmandu Post
The Lyrid meteor shower will become active from April 18 and continue till April 25, he said, adding that the activeness would go excessive at 9:45 am ...

Watch Lyrids meteor shower on April 22
Qatar Tribune
Tribune News Network Doha 'LYRIDS meteor', one of the important meteor shows that can be seen from the earth, will be visible over the Doha sky ...

What's the difference between an asteroid, meteoroid, meteor and meteorite?
Once a meteoroid enters earth's atmosphere it becomes a meteor. ... Although meteorologists have 'meteor' in the title, their expertise is weather.

Scientists Propose New Theory About the Noises Meteors Make
They demonstrated how as a meteor travels through the Earth's atmosphere it ionizes the air and splits it into the light, negatively charged electrons ...

Meteor radar observations of vertically propagating low-frequency inertia-gravity waves near the ...
Wiley Online Library
Vertically propagating low-frequency inertia-gravity waves (IGWs) are retrieved from meteor radar winds observed at King Sejong Station (KSS: 62.22.

Observation of Meteor radar neutral winds over 11 stations and comparison with GSWM N Li , J. lei ...
Observation of Meteor radar neutral winds over 11 stations and comparison with. GSWM. N Li. 1,2. , J. lei. 1. , J. Chen. 2. , Z. Xu. 2. , L. Lin. 2.

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