07 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07APR2017

Asteroid to Fly Safely Past Earth on April 19
Jet Propulsion Laboratory- April 6, 2017
2014 JO25, a fairly large asteroid, discovered nearly three years ago will fly safely past Earth on April 19 at a distance of about 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers), or about 4.6 times the distance from Earth to the moon. Although there is absolutely no chance that the asteroid will collide with our planet, this will be a very close approach for an asteroid of this size....

When is the 2017 Lyrid meteor shower? All you need to know about stargazing event
Coventry Telegraph
Coventry and Warwickshire stargazers are in for a treat this month, as an astronomical marvel occurs across the city and surrounding region's skies.

APRIL'S here!
The Hindu
From planet spotting to two meteor showers to moon wonders and celebrating ... The first meteor shower for this month is called the Virginids. As the ...

Eta Aquarids meteor shower at Lake Muratore
ABC Open
Eta Aquarids meteor shower at Lake Muratore. By laurenmarrphotography · · From Stargazing. Eta Aquarids meteor shower at Lake Muratore ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for April 8-14, 2017
American Meteor Society
This is the worst time of the month to try an view meteor activity as the bright moon will obscure all but the brightest meteors. Late in the period the ...

The Lyrid Meteor shower and Jupiter will be visible in Essex's night skies
Essex Live
Stargazers in Essex will be able to see one of the planet's major meteor showers at the end of April. The Lyrid Meteor shower, which lasts from April 16 ...

'Dhoomakethu' and Indian heritage in the world of comets: An astronomer writes
The News Minute
From my vague recollection, this conversation was something about the famed Halley's comet and its capability of producing meteor showers on Earth.

A Meteor Enters Earth's Atmosphere At The Position...
A meteor enters earth's atmosphere at the position 43 degrees latitude, -107 degrees longitude. The meteor is traveling due south at 20,000 m/sec.

Fireballs and Jupiter, all you have to do is look up
Salmon Arm Observer
As several sightings of fireballs lighting up the night skies have been reportedly recently, a Penticton astronomer said it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Moon rock that orbited Earth will be sold for £60000
Daily Mail
A piece of moon rock that has spent tens of millions of years orbiting the Earth after being dislodged in a meteor strike has been discovered. The tiny ...

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