12 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12APR2017

Major Green 'Fireball' Lit the Sky Over California, Los Angeles, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico
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Fireball / Meteor over Georgia!
Godlike Productions
Fireball / Meteor over Georgia! Spotted heading from the northeast to the southwest. A family friend north of Charlotte saw the same thing. Anyone else ...

FIREBALL: Viewers see meteor shoot across sky
WSOC Charlotte
A meteor streaked across the sky at about 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday in the Southeast, according to reports from American Meteor Society observers.

VIDEO: Fireball seen shooting across NC sky
Several people reported seeing a large fireball in the sky over North Carolina Wednesday evening. WBTV received several calls about the sighting ...

Watch: Is this a shooting star or a meteor over Dawlish?
Dawlish Beach Cam has captured this stunning video of a bright object over the area – but is it a meteor or a shooting star? Simon Deane from the ...

High school Astro Club looks to stars
Coshocton Tribune
The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower runs April 16 through 25, but should peak in the hours before dawn on the morning of April 22, according to ...

San Diego sky lights up after mysterious flash
Fox News
More than 260 reports in Los Angeles, Arizona and Nevada had similar sightings according to the American Meteor Society. Another San Diego ...

Woman “videobombed” by bright fireball during live-stream
WDEF News 12
The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 420 reports — and counting — about the fireball event seen over San Diego around 9 p.m. ET on ...

Meteor shower caught during helicopter traffic report in Kansas City
This month, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are being treated to the Lyrid Meteor Shower, the dusty trail of a comet, which will peak on April 22 ...

When is the Lyrid meteor shower? Where and how to see the spectacular astronomical event
Gloucestershire Live
The shower will be most visible on Saturday, April 22 after midnight and just before dawn on Sunday, April 23. The Lyrid Meteor takes place in April ...

Meteor makes cameo during woman's video chat
A meteor makes a cameo during a woman's video chat in San Bernardino, California.

Meteorite caught on dashcam!
Saw this meteor on the dashcam while driving westbound on I-10 near 99th Ave in Avondale/Tolleson, AZ.

Was that a meteor? See it on video
LA Daily News
What appears to be a meteor shooting across the sky in Southern California around 9 p.m. Monday, April 10, 2017, is seen in two images. At left, the ...

Smoking 'meteor' captured falling through the sky over Plymouth
Cornwall Live
These stunning pictures appear to show a smoking meteor falling through the sky in a spectacular red sunrise. Ben Landricombe was on his way to ... This is likely an aircraft contrail- LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo, Japan.

Meteor lights up San Diego sky
Washington Post
April 11, 2017 1:17 PM EDT - A meteor shot across the San Diego sky on April 10. This video shows the fireball over Orange County. (Ryan Bracci) ...

Did you see the meteor in our skies? | Survey
Wellington Times
The search is on for a meteor that is believed to have penetrated the atmosphere and landed somewhere in western NSW, according to astronomers ...

Posts Tagged meteor studies
Vox Charta
Studies of meteor trails have until now been limited to relatively simple models, with the trail often being treated as a conducting cylinder, and the head ...

Bright Fireball over San Diego, CA
American Meteor Society
The preliminary estimated trajectory plotted from the witness reports shows the meteor was traveling from the East to West and ended its visible flight ...

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