13 April 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13APR2017

VIDEO: Meteor seen in the Carolinas
WBTW - Myrtle Beach and Florence SC
Earl Ayers happened to catch the apparent meteor and posted a video on Twitter. If you look at the video below, you can see a white streak of light ...

'One of the coolest things I've ever seen!' Did you see the fireball Wednesday night?
The State
on the American Meteor Society website. In Chapin, Nick S. reported he and his wife saw it as they were outside looking at Jupiter. “The fireball looked ...

Meteor seen shooting across North Carolina sky
According to reports, the meteor flew through the night sky around 8:43pm. Those who saw it describe a bright, white light lasting for about 10 seconds ...

Several people spot possible meteor streaking across the North Carolina night sky
Yahoo News
Several people have reported seeing a possible meteor streaking across the North Carolina sky. The meteor was reported in various locations in ...

You weren't seeing things. There was a fireball over Charlotte, and it had a tail
Charlotte Observer
As much as we'd all like to believe it was an other worldly probe, the American Meteor Society is suggesting it was just a meteor in the “fireball” ...

So what did everyone see in the sky Wednesday night?
The society received close to 200 reports of a fireball on Wednesday night. They received reports from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, South ...

Fireball Streaking Across Southern California Prompts Hundreds of Calls
Eye Opener
The American Meteor Society says it received at least 260 reports of the fireball event. Most of the reports were from San Diego, but people from Los ...

Wednesday night meteor lights up the sky
According to Chief Information Officer Lamar Owen, with the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) NASA is calling it an 'earth-grazer' meteor.

Meteor April 10, 2017
Posted to YouTube by Photons73 39 views
Published on Apr 13, 2017
Meteor as seen from Eastern Southern California.

'One of the coolest things I've ever seen!' Did you see the fireball Wednesday night?
The State
People across North and South Carolina reported seeing a fireball shoot across the sky shortly before 9pm Wednesday night. In West Columbia, LP ...

meteor 4-10-17
Chandler,AZ south on 101/202 loop we could see the meteor fall that was seen all the way to California coast.

What was that light streaking across the East Tenn. sky?
April 12, 2017: After streaks of light were seen across the sky of the Southeast, spotters for the American Meteor Society say it was a fireball.

Save the Date! Lyrid meteor shower expected to peak April 22-23
A fireball is a meteor that glows brighter than the planet Venus as the space rock burns through the Earth's sky. And why is it called meteorology if ...

FIREBALL: Viewers see meteor shoot across sky
WSOC Charlotte
A meteor streaked across the sky at about 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday in the Southeast, according to reports from American Meteor Society observers.

Meteor Spotted In The Carolinas!
WFMY News 2
Last night there was a bright meteor over San Diego. Curious if the one over NC looked like this? https://t.co/s4EjJ4IDmR #meteor #fireball.

Did a meteor land in western NSW?
Western Magazine
A meteor lit up the skies on March 15 and astronomers from Coonabarabran and Bathurst believe it could have landed on earth in western NSW.

How To See The Lyrids Meteor Shower Of 2017, The Easy Way
A big, bright, dazzling meteor shower is coming soon, and all you'll need to watch it is eyes! You have those, right? Because you'll need at least one of ...

Fireball over South Carolina
American Meteor Society
The preliminary estimated trajectory plotted from the witness reports shows the meteor was traveling from the Northeast to Southwest and ended its ...

191 Reports
Fireball event
IMO received 191 reports about a fireball seen over GA, NC, FL, TN, VA, SC, KY and AL on Thursday, April 13th 2017 around 00:43 UT.

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