15 May 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16MAY2016

Giant meteor fireball '10 times brighter than the full moon'
Signs of the Times
A fireball 10 times brighter than the full moon exploded in the sky of Finland on May 12, 2016. The disintegrating blue-green ball of fire emitted a ...
Via David Finlay in Australian Meteor Reports.
I just took a report of a very bright and long lasting fireball from Steve Davis in Orford, Tasmania. The event occurred this morning, 5:15am AEST 15/5/15.
Steve described the fireball as lasting at least 3 seconds, perhaps more. It came from the east, travelled almost directly overhead at a heading of 250 degrees. He did not report any sonics. The fireball continued on below the tree line.
The heading has the fireball travelling towards the northern Hobart area, around Richmond or Bridgewater.
It would be interesting to see if any sonics were reported around these areas.

VIA- Thomas Kapitany
May 16 at 11:08pm

Geology of Libya
‫Libyan Desert Glass (LDG) زجاج الصحراء الليبية
Formed by the impact of meteor strike on the dese...

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