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06 May 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06MAY2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Pingtung City Tangrong Elementary School Establish...

Pingtung City Tangrong Elementary School Establish Asteroid Search Team
Posted: 05 May 2016 08:44 PM PDT
Pingtung City Tangrong Elementary School establish asteroid search team, students can learn to set up and use a telescope and learn astronomical knowledge, in addition to the school hoping to stimulate children's curiosity ...

PingTung, Taiwan Tang Rong Elementary School Students Discover 8 Potentially NEW Asteroids! Videos
Posted: 05 May 2016 08:44 PM PDT
PingTung, Taiwan Tang Rong Elementary School Students Discover 8 Potentially NEW Asteroids! Tang-Long Elementary School, PingTung City, PingTung County, Taiwan English Press Release Pending! Taiwan Education Outreach ...

Stargazers: Catch the Eta Aquarids meteor shower left by Halley's Comet
Stargazers can look forward to ideal conditions over the next few days that will allow them to glimpse the meteor particles as they fly off a comet and ...

Watch Live: Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Rains Down on Earth
On Thursday evening, the magnificent Eta Aquarid meteor shower will rain down on Earth, as debris from Halley's Comet enters the atmosphere.

Catch tonight's Eta Aquariids meteor shower
BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Did you manage to glimpse a meteor this morning? Earth is currently passing through the trail of debris left by Halley's Comet, resulting in a meteor ...

Meteor Shower from Halley's Comet Peaks Tonight: See the Slooh Webcast
Astrophotographer Mike Taylor, who is based in central Maine, captured this photo of an Eta Aquarid meteor streaking through the sky on May 6, 2014.

Shooting stars to light up Kent and Sussex- find out when to watch the meteor showers
Kent and Sussex Courier
With the clear skies expected tonight, stargazers in the UK may be able to spot between 10 and 20 meteor showers an hour. Halley's Comet was ...

Here's what you actually see while you're watching a meteor shower
Business Insider
Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is peaking Thursday night.Meteor showers are nature's nocturnal ...

#TBT: The Fireball Meteor of 1966 - Thought They Found It
Daily Local News
The blueish white meteor which flashed across the skies of the eastern United States last Monday(April 25, 1966) broke up a baseball game in a West ...

Aquarids meteor shower, transit of Mercury events for skywatchers, photographers
St George News
SOUTHERN UTAH – Skywatchers in Southern Utah can watch the Eta Aquarids meteor shower on their choice of two nights and locations or attend a ...

Dash cam captures meteor streaking across Lawrenceville sky
WSB Atlanta
The meteor was likely part of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, the first of two celestial light shows that occur every year in early May as a result of Earth ...

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