19 May 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19MAY2016

Police Dashcam Videos Show Streaking Meteor
Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/5clm0J ** A fiery meteor streaked across the sky early on Tuesday morning and was captured by a police dashboard ...

METEOR FIREBALL flaring over US caught on dashcams CCTV USA METEOR Spectacular giant
METEOR FIREBALL flaring over US caught on dashcams CCTV U.S.A. METEOR Spectacular giant A meteor flashing in the night skies of the US just ...

Video: Burlington airport camera captured meteor
The Union Leader
Video cameras at Burlington International Airport in South Burlington captured three spectacular views of a meteor that lit up the night sky over New ...

Rare meteor captured by security cameras at Vermont airport
Macon.com & The Telegraph
Security cameras at Burlington International Airport captured a raremeteor streaking across the Vermont sky on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 12:50 a.m..

Dash cam captures meteor strike
This is not what a Maine police officer expected to see while looking for speeders one night.

Extended: Meteor seen in West Ottawa
CTV Ottawa News - CTV News
CTV Viewer Marilyn Hillier caught a meteor lighting up the sky early Tuesday morning from the house in West Carleton.

Fireball lights up sky over Ontario, Quebec
New Photo (+ video & map) of the #Fireball caught on May 17 over Northeastern US.. https://t.co/9sl1NJ9fDD #meteorpic.twitter.com/SpJ0cSGwDx.

Meteor in New England
A meteor lit up the night sky over New England and eastern Canada on 17 May 2016, around 12:50 am EDT (18 May 2016, around 4:50 UTC).

Fireball Over the Portland Sky This Week
94.9 WMMQ
Fireball Over the Portland Sky This Week. By Deb Hart May 19, 2016 6:47 AM. Share on Facebook ... Best of WMMQ.com. Fireball over Maine ...

Museum Offers $20000 For Meteorite Fragment From New England Fireball
Huffington Post
A fireball lit up the sky over New England on Tuesday morning, and one museum in Maine is offering $20,000 to anyone who can produce a ...

20000 Reward Offered for Chunk of Meteor
Maine Public Broadcasting
A $20,000 reward is being offered to anyone who recovers a 1 kilogram chunk of themeteor seen Tuesday. The meteor was captured on police video ...

Fireball That Passed Through Portland Night Sky Captured On Video
Tech Times
After the fireball streaked through the night sky, the American Meteor Society (AMS) said it had received 690 reports of sightings from New Jersey to ...

Meteor felt and heard in Androscoggin Valley
The fiery meteor lit up the night sky through much of northern New England. Some reports indicate the meteoroid entered Earth's atmosphere over ..

Police dashcam records meteor in sky over Portland
International Business Times, India Edition
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This apocalyptic asteroid's impact was bigger than one that killed dinosaurs
(CNN) That asteroid which took out the dinosaurs all those years ago? That was nothing. Scientists say there was a bigger hunk of rock from space ...

Big Meteor!
Pontchartrain Astronomy Society
Look at this meteor video! :woohoo: http://www.nola.com/science/index.ssf/2016/05/meteor_video_portland_maine.html#incart_... - English (en-GB)

Those looking for meteorite in Maine could see dream turn to dust
Press Herald
The American Meteor Society determined that the meteoroid seen over the ... The meteor broke up about 28 miles above the surface of Upper ...

USM Planetarium's Ed Gleason interviewed about falling meteor captured on video
USM News
During the wee hours of Tuesday morning, April 17, a Portland police officer captured the flaming orb streaking across the night sky on his dash cam.

Meteor captured on dashcam video lights up New England sky
The Providence Journal
Portland police Sgt. Tim Farris was parked in front of the Central Fire Station when his camera captured the meteor lighting up the sky. The shocked ...

Raw Meteor Lights Up New England Sky Невероятное зрелище 2016
Raw Meteor Lights Up New England Sky Невероятное зрелище 2016 Не забудь подписаться!!!!!

Meteor Outburst Alert! Sudden Increase in Fireballs Worldwide
Skywatch Media News-The World Wants to Know Fireball/Bolide Outburst Week of May 12, 2016 Immense Fireball and Bolide Activity Reported ...

Study: Jupiter blasted by an average of 6.5 fireballseach year
Since the project began three years ago, the team of amateur astronomers has also reviewed 53,000 videos without a single sign of a fireball.
Via- Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
May 19 at 9:41am
Clues to ancient giant asteroid found in Australia
Scientists have found evidence of a huge asteroid that struck the Earth early in its life with an im...

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