19 May 2016

Preliminary reports trickling in of an Argentinian fireball, sonics and tremor, May 18th 2016 21:25 ART = 00:25 UTC May 19th

According to witnesses a luminous object fell into the sea off Pinamar. Sightings reported from Pinamar, Villa Gesell and la Costa - Argentina.

 21:15 ART
Meteorite falls in Pinamar
Panic: a meteorite fell in Carilo Pinamar Villa Gesell
The glowing object rushed over the sea in the area located between Villa Gesell and Cariló at 21:15. While damages were not recorded, there were moments of extreme concern after the impact, since collapsed alarm systems in various parts of the population.


The first pictures of the hot rod that fell in pinamar at 21:20 giving a tremor from pinamar until blue sea.

Picture used in the report below is merely representational (The Argentinian bolide of 2015). The report seems true. Alarm for a supposed meteorite that fell in Pinamar

According to witnesses a luminous object fell into the sea off Pinamar. Through social networks they identified the object as a meteorite that caused a strong earthquake. a luminous body was also sighted in the United States According to a tweet the mayor of the town, Martin Yeza, the incident occurred at 21.25 yesterday and caused fear among the people, who saw the object falling and felt the movement while numerous alarm systems were activated. According to the village head surveillance cameras will be reviewed to see if the time of the fall was recorded. According to reports of witnesses the time of the fall was seen in Cariló, Pinamar and Ostend. "He got all white and sparks from the explosion could be seen," said an officer of the police station Ostende. "He saw in half the sky, looked like a shooting star. I never saw one like it," he added. After that, the station began receiving calls from people who had heard the same explosion.

Awaiting further videos to compute trajectory and orbit. Stay tuned folks.

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