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05 May 2016

Dubai Astronomy Group Mercury Transit 09MAY2016

Dubai Astronomy Group Mercury Transit 09MAY2016

Come and witness this rare sight with Dubai Astronomy Group as Mercury visibly passes in front of the Sun on Monday, 9 May. This will be the first such event in 10 years with the previous having taken place in 2006. The transit will last from about 11:12 UTC to 18:42 UTC with the exact time depending on the location. In Dubai the transit will start 15:12 and will continue but sun will set while the transit in its prime center.
Dubai Astronomy Group will be organizing an observation event with an armada of telescopes and gears to capture and broadcast the event live worldwide. The venue for the event will be the Mushrif Park in Dubai (location map) and the program will start from 2 PM onward till sun set. For more information and to register for the event please send an email We look forward to seeing you all there!
Wishing you astronomical times, DAG Team

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