31 July 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 31JUL2015

Argentina Super Bolide Meteor 30JUL2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
METEOR FALLS IN ARGENTINA CAUSING A GREEN SKY (July 30th, 2015)Posted on YouTube by ViralVideos 140 views. Published on Jul 30, 2015

NSW, Australia Meteor 30JUL2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 30JUL2015 Mandie Gill Wauchope NSW Australia 1800 2-3 seconds NNW heading slightly right to left it last few ...

Bright green meteor streaks through sky over Buenos Aires
Spectacular photos and videos of a meteor streaking through the sky over the Argentine capital Buenos Aires have been posted to social media.

Perseid Meteor Stargaze at Indiana Dunes State Park, Aug. 8 - 8/8/2015
The Indiana Dunes State Park will host its ninth annual Perseid Meteor Stargaze on Aug. 8, from 8:30 p.m. to dawn the next day. Activities take place at ...

Fun after dark: Catch a meteor show
Lansing State Journal
Lazy August afternoons are made for napping. Make sure you plan a few so you'll be wide-awake and alert to catch an after-midnight meteorshow, ...

#SkyWatch: Egypt to witness spectacular meteorshower this week
The head of the Department of Astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research announced that Egypt would witness a phenomenal ...

Tour August's Sky: Perseids Aplenty!
Sky & Telescope
Meanwhile, around mid-month you'll see many more “shooting stars” than usual, thanks to the Perseid meteor shower. This year the Perseids peak ...

Delta Aquarid & Perseid meteor shower duet
The Weather Network
The next two weeks promise to deliver just that, as a meteor shower duet ... The Delta Aquarid meteor shower came to its annual peak on July 28-29 ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for August 1-7, 2015
American Meteor Society
Meteor activity kicks into high gear in August as seen from the northern hemisphere. The main reason for all this activity is the Perseid shower that ...

Iran confirms meteor hit
Trend News Agency
The meteor landed in Avaj in the province of Qazvin, Mohammad Ali Ahani, director of Qazvin Crisis Management Staff said, Mehr news agency ...

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Tonight
Press Examiner
Astronomers said the meteor shower started on July 12 and it is expected to continue until August 23. Truth be told, this meteor shower is best viewed ...

Blue moon: where and when to view the rare cosmic event set to light up the sky
Tonight's supermoon coincides with the start of the British meteorseason and the first blue moon in three years. The next blue moon isn't due until ...

Where To Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower in Washington State
The Perseids meteor shower is one of the most remarkable natural spectacles we have the opportunity to witness every year. One of the brightest ...

Noob Qus: How best to watch and shoot Perseid Meteor Shower
Digital Photography Review
Noob Qus: How best to watch and shoot Perseid Meteor Shower. Started 7 min ago | Questions thread. Shop cameras & lenses ▾ ...

Fireball turns sky green over Argentina (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A massive fireball soared through the sky over Argentina, triggering a wave of social media posts. The mesmerizing show, which lasted just a few ...

Soak up a meteor shower in August
Methow Valley News
At almost mid-month, simply look up for a show emanating from the heavens above, the Old Faithful of shooting stars, the Perseid meteor shower.

Jason Major on Twitter: "Impressive #fireball over Argentina tonight... any re-entering sats expected ...
... minutes ago. Jason Major retweeted Webcams de México. Impressive #fireball over Argentina tonight... any re-entering sats expected in the area?

Meteor showers make up for the lack of visible planets
Craven Herald
AUGUST is the month of meteors! The annual Perseid meteor shower, sometimes known as The Tears of St Lawrence, can be seen. This more than ...

#SkyWatch: Egypt to witness spectacular meteorshower this week
Civilians in Egypt, you're up for a treat because the country is about to observe a meteor shower! Ashraf Tadres, the head of the Department of ...

Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Coming Aug 11-14
Jeff Sullivan Photography
As I mentioned with my time-lapse video share yesterday, the earth passes through the comet debris that causes the Perseid meteor shower for a few ...

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