03 July 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03JUL2015

No aparece el meteorito que cayó en Lajas
Primera Hora
La SAC ha estado atendiendo las llamadas de ciudadanos que aseguran haber encontrado la roca, pero los resultados han sido negativos. ... Puerto Rico METEORRATS scrambled, searching to find meteorite fall...nothing found yet...

Death from Above, Part 6: Meteor, the miniseries
Conceptual Astronomy: Science Fact vs. Science Fiction - Wesleyan University
Buckle up, folks, because NBC's miniseries Meteor (2009) is must-see TV at its best. Or at least the best NBC can do these days. In the opening shot, ...

Delta Aquarids meteor shower
Delta Aquarids meteor shower. 10Days22Hours59Minutes41Seconds. We're counting down to the 12th of July. That's the date you might spot the first ...

Blue moon, meteor shower coming this July
He says the Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be best observed from July 28 to 31 and estimated to peak before midnight and onward on ...

New Startup Wants Us Wishing on (Man-Made) Shooting Stars
GOOD Magazine
... and a secret chemical combination, to create artificial meteor showers for anyone who thinks fireworks just wouldn't cut it for their high-end party.

SMC's Drescher Planetarium Features Reusable Rockets & More In July
Santa Monica Mirror
Find out about the Perseid Meteor shower – which will present its annual spectacular streaks of light crossing the skies on August 12-13, as our planet .

CNN Philippines on Twitter: "Blue moon, meteor shower coming this July http://t.co/mP44O3mOoj ...
Blue moon, meteor shower coming this July http://cnn.ph/1LF0QL2 pic.twitter.com/Nec9YZPyIh · Embedded image permalink. Retweets 19; Favorites ...

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