30 July 2015

Breaking News- NSW / QLD, Australia Meteor 30JUL2015

NSW / QLD, Australia Meteor Apprx. 1800 Local 30JUL2015
- w/ Fragmentation! and Sonics!
Australian MeteorRats scramble !!!
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E to W traveling bolide at approx 18:07 AEST July 30th. Preliminary reports seem to suggest it passed roughly over Byron Bay (between QLD and NSW at a steep angle (suggesting possible land fall).
Chance of it being man made space junk = nil. Appearance half the size of the moon, (could be a big chunk or two , intact. (pray for platinum)- Ravi Jagtiani
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NSW / QLD, Australia Meteor Apprx. 1800 Local 30JUL2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
30JUL2015 JAMES STEPHENS PORT MACQUARIE 18:20 5-10 seconds E;W LONG GREEN TAIL. BRIGHTER THEN THE FULL MOON AND THE BALL OF LIGHT HALF THE SIZE OF THE FULL MOON Brighter then the current full moon A SMALLER FRAGMENT BROKE OFF, MAYBE 1/3 THE SIZE Iv seen hundreds of "shooting stars" over my life but this was something else. My initial thought was that someone had shot a fire work over head, I even braced for the explosion.

30JUL2015 Jeremy Underwood Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia 18:07 +10GMT 5 sec Started altitude approx 60deg NNW heading NW Large white/yellow fireball with fragments breaking off Venus Yes None

30JUL2015 River Henricks Byron Bay, NSW, Australia 18:02 PM Visible for me for about 2-3 seconds and then my view was obstructed by trees Not 100% sure but I think I was driving south and the meteor passed over me heading west Yellow/White/Slight green Very Bright Not that i could see It was quite large and appeared to be approx 300m up

30JUL2015 Neal M Ipswich QLD Australia 18:00 5 to 6 sec SSW heading at a steep angle left to right Bright white with a tail before breaking up About as intense as Venus Yes saw fragmentation seem to go foward from main body vanidhed soon after fragmentation

30JUL2015 Mandie Gill Wauchope NSW Australia 1800 2-3 seconds NNW heading slightly right to left it last few seconds before it landed White with a white tail about 10cm long , About the same as a bright star No I first thought it was a plane about to crash

30JUL2015 Billie- jo cresswell brookefield nsw australia 17:49pm it took about 3-4 seconds i was facing north and it was going left the colour of this metior was a greeny blue it was brighter then the moon but dull then the sun it looked like it broke into two it was hectic

30JUL2015 Just witnessed a bright yellow light earth bound, 1802hours. Bathurst Nsw. From where I was it looked like it would've landed near Eglinton. It erupted just before hitting the horizon. Very cool! 
- Rachel Anne -- Beautiful Name, Rachel Anne!

30JUL2015 I have just received the below email via my astronomy website from someone
living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Unfortunately, there is no information about what direction the daughter was looking or when she saw the object. I am emailing the list on the off chance that a re-entry has occurred today over this part of Australia. Thanks in advance. Regards, Paul Floyd. www.nightskyonline.info
"... My daughter called to tell me that she's seen a large bright object with what she described as a broken tail arcing down the sky this evening (Thurs 30th Jul). She is not at all into astronomical events so didn't know what to make of it, but she sees enough planes to know it wasn't that. She lives in Burleigh. ..."

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Mark Grogan said...

This week is even more interesting. 5 planets are aligned in a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon, and this is at its most visible during sunrise. Probably could go very early to the storage warehouse and catch such rare phenomenon.

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