09 July 2015

MBIQ Detects CA NV Meteor 08JUL2015

MBIQ Detects CA NV Meteor 2300 Pacific 08JUL2015

Check your security cameras!
YOUR meteor report is important; if you came here looking for an event you just saw others likely may have seen as well; report and share your experience.
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
08JUL2015 William Taliaoa Las Vegas 11:00pm under 10sec S-from left to right blue and orange red sun not sure i saw alot of blue in the center and fiery red surrounding the blue

For all sighting reports-

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Erin Batstone said...

That's what we saw as well! We were camping in Sequoia that night and also at 11pm saw a huge meteor, bigger than any I have ever seen, with red and blue, even purplish flames. It was also visible longer than usual. Amazing!