09 July 2015

Florida Meteor 08JUL2015

Florida Meteor Apprx. 2115 EDT 08JUL2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
08JUL2015 Cindy and Dave LeBeau Melbourne, FL USA Seen from I-95 21:15 EDT PM 1-2 seconds N-S Left to Right facing East No sound, Green flash, then bright green light with a tail Moon bright did not notice first green burst and streak we have seen

08JUL2015 Lee Lake Worth, Florida, USA 9:15pm about 3- seconds. SE No sound. Green, yellow, brown and gold. Bright as the moon. Caught my eye when the whole sky lit up suddenly. No Fragmentation. Looked really close. As it dropped behind the trees I waited to hear it hit, but nothing. Must have been farther away than it looked. Possibly oer the intercoastal or ocean. I'm on the east coast of Florida near the beach.

08JUL2015 Mike J Elliott Immokalee, FL 21:15 2/3 seconds clock12to4,N to S,left to right,SE white-explode-then color to green...no sound. moon bright 1 then 4 or 5 On state road (SR-82) ,Florida...between Fort Meyers and Immokalee driving to the SE . In a rural area.....meteor path, crossed right in front of me .

08JUL2015 Jennifer Gregory Fort Pierce FL United States 9:15pm eastern time 20-25 seconds I was going south on US 1 saw meteor coming from aprox. NE towards SW Orange with a little bit of reddish color. Bright and very eye catching. Probably about as bright at a full moon No Thought it was a shooting star but figured it wasn't as it was close to land,bright and long lasting. The tail or rather it's path was noticeable. From where I had seen it, it had looked as if it were going to land in my yard.

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