24 June 2014

Tasmania Meteor 24JUN2014

Tasmania Meteor Approx. 1730 AEST 24JUN2014
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Tasmania Meteor Approx. 1730 AEST 24JUN2014
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Initial Meteor Reports-
24JUN2014 Karla Deloraine, Tasmania 17:36 AEST 10 seconds max Left to Right I think Huge bright orange flames sun bright I guess it was the colour of a dark Orange flame unsure it just looked like it dropped from the sky Both my daughter and myself saw a large orange Flame ball thing fall from the sky into the paddocks just before the Deloraine coming from Devenport

24JUN2014 Adam Hobart, TAS, Australia 17:30 AEST twilight a few seconds Started about 45 degrees up in the south travelling southwest orange with a burst of flame brighter than Venus when it was on fire no N/A

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