30 June 2014

Texas / Oklahoma Meteor 30JUN2014

Texas / Oklahoma Meteor Approx. 0545 30JUN2014 w/ Sonics!
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Texas / Oklahoma Meteor 30JUN2014 w/ Sonics
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Initial Meteor Reports-
30JUN2014 Jason Hatcher Dallas, TX, USA 5:45/CDT/AM 10 W-E, facing South bright white moon yes no

30JUN2014 Kohl S. Azle, Texas, USA 600 4-5 seconds I was facing north. The object appeared in noethern sky, heading south bluish, white fireball with orange streak behind. I heard a boom roughly 20 seconds after the object disappeared from view that sounded like a soft roll of thunder. brighter than venus, brightest object in the early morning, pre-sunrise sky one or two small fragments falling along side that appeared to be drifting laterally away from the large object. I wish I had a photo, it was a spectacular sight! I'm guessing it was a piece of space debris.

30JUN2014 I was driving on the tollway in Plano Texas at 5:54 am when I saw a large fire ball crossing the sky, fairly low that lighted up and had a tail that would show sparks ! It was a lot larger than a "falling" star and much lower.
I hope you'll receive more reports ... -Delia L.

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