30 June 2014

UK Bolide Meteor 30JUN2014--- Asteroid Over UK! - Videos

UK Bolide Meteor Approx. 03:04 BST 30JUN2014 --- Asteroid Over UK! - Videos
Check your security cameras!

Bright Fireball 30th June 2014 from Richard Fleet on Vimeo.

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Published on Jun 30, 2014
Captured from Exeter Meteor Camera on 30 June 2014 at 02.04.25

Devon Burning Meteor Caught On Tape
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Meteor fireball caught on police car's camera over West Midlands
Posted on YouTube by West Midlands Police 144 views

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Initial Meteor Report-
30JUN2014 Chris Oldbury, Birmingham, UK 1:30 - 2:00 I saw from the gap between houses so I witnessed a second of it. SE White From my perspective, seeing it against the sky, it looked the size of roughly 20 stars with corresponding brightness No Very fast and strong. I thought I saw another about a minute later (moving in the same direction) but it was moving a lot slower and may have been a particularly fast aircraft.

News Reports-
Fireball meteor caught on camera
A fireball meteor seen over the UK has been captured on camera by an observatory in...

Huge fireball meteor over Sidmouth, UK
Watch this video of Huge fireball meteor…

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