06 June 2014

CO SD NE WY ND Fireball Meteor Event 05JUN2014

Breaking News- Colorado / South Dakota / Nebraska / Wyoming / North Dakota Fireball Meteor Event Approx. 21:21pm MDT / 22'21 CDT 05JUN2014

FEMA Region VII and FEMA Region VIII
Seen in at LEAST 5 States! 40 Reports!
Likely Meteorites Fell in Wyoming! -LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo
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 CO SD NE WY ND Fireball Meteor Event Approx. 21:21pm MDT 05JUN2014
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Fireball Meteor Event Seen in at Least 4 States CO/ SD/ NE/ WY
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Seeking More Information And Videos.
Report your meteor sightings please

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Initial Report-
05JUN/2014 Matt Bellvue, CO 9:21pm MST 8-10? S to N, Facing East, R to L white, red hue at peak Brighter than Venus. large trail but no frags observed very flat trajectory. Tried for photo, too quick.

05JUN/2014 Ben Weeks Livermore Colorado USA 21:22 - 9:22 pm MT 3 seconds? east to west I was loking north Huge Fireball falling star, largest I have ever seen by far, maybe ten percent of the size of the full moon relative to my perspective. I am in lnorth east Colorado 30 miles from Wyoming it was north of me traveling east to west Very very bright the size and the distint fireball surrounding were nothing like I have ever seen and I am 50+. I could see the large object (bolide?) and the gren fire swirling around it!The object was actually darker the fireball bright as the moon. I have never seen the swirls of the fireball before or anything this big. No fragmentation Incredible. I will never forget it.

05JUNE2014 Chris Perry Loveland 2224 MT Pm 5-7 seconds right/left northwest right to left northeast pink/blue no sound moon none observed none

05JUN2014 Dane Andersen Sioux Falls, SD, USA 10:00PM (UTC-06:00 15 sec SE-NW facing West Orange sparkling tail, no sound About the same as the moon. Yes, there was a tail. This is my first supposed meteor sighting, so I hope I'm not way off. I was awestruck, so I had to go somewhere to learn more. I haven't seen anything quite like it before, with its particular size, speed, distance, and appearance. Educate me if I'm full of shit!

MBIQ Data Set-
05Jun2014 Jerry Pierre, South Dakota USA2210 2210 Central, PM 10sec East to West bright light no sound full moon none low in the horizon

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All 40 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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BJW said...

Myself and 3 other people also witnessed this event. About one mile outside of Hill City, 5300 ft. peak in the hills of South Dakota. Around 9 pm, viewed from its rising, crossing, and heard a low sonic boom like sound upon landing or burning up. Definitely moon-sized appearance, flames in the tail, white disk shaped, best any of us have seen in our 50+ year life spans.