03 June 2014

Breaking News- Colorado / New Mexico Daytime Bolide 02JUN2014

Breaking News- Colorado / New Mexico Daytime Bolide 12:10 - 12:12 MDT 02JUN2014
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CO NM Daytime Bolide 02JUN2014
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Initial Report-
I've had two witness reports of a very bright fireball, probably over
southern Colorado or northern New Mexico, time 12:10 - 12:12 MDT. Just a
heads up in case anybody has live instruments or is interested in
following up. - Chris L Peterson - Cloudbait Observatory http://www.cloudbait.com

02JUN2014 Amy CRESTONE, CO, USA 1209 MST 2014/04/06 Facing WNW, traveling down (from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock... Left to right) Bright white, with some blue and red interspersed Venus + None seen None

02JUN2014 Patrick McPherson Grand Junction, Colorado, USA 12:10 pm mountain daylight saving time 2-3 seconds Peering SE, a near vertical dive from about 30 degrees above the horizon, finishing at about 20 degrees . . . White in color, a near vertical streak, concluding in a bright round flash about 3/16 of an inch in diameter at arms length, about as bright as an arc welder Arc welder No My first daytime sighting, from Grand Junction, I viewed it toward Ridgeway, Colorado

02JUN2014 12:06 pm fireball sighting over Gunbarrel, CO
I was driving on the Diagonal Highway heading toward Boulder from Longmont, I'd just passed Niwot Road when I saw a white/yellow fireball over Gunbarrel heading straight down toward the ground. It was only visible for seconds.  When I got to my office.  I told them about the fireball and the nurse Erin said "Oh, I just heard about that, name just called to tell me they saw it from the yard in Gunbarrel)." Pretty cool, I noticed the people I was driving next to also saw it. I'm surprised I've found nothing on the web or news about it. Kirstie M.

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Ivan Hernandez said...

There is suppose to be a Asteroid passing by the moon right now June 3 2014 at around 3'Oclock