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21 August 2013

TX LA Meteor 20AUG2013

TX LA Meteor 20AUG2013
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TX LA Meteor 20AUG2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
20AUG2013 Thomas Harmon GRAMBLING, LOUISIANA, USA 2300, CDT 5-8 seconds SW-W White streak followed by intense, large green fireball, continuing green fireball to small white streak. Momentarily as bright or brighter than the moon at fragmentation Fragmented 2-3 seconds in, bright green flash surrounded by green-white fragments One of the more intense fireballs I've seen.


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Anna Brazil said...

It was around 11pm 08/20/13, when I was going to pick up my daughter at work, I was standing talking to my boyfrind on the driveway And I saw this big bright light falling from the sky it last 3 sec. Very quiclky it desapear. I told my boyfrind. I just saw a big star falling behind the trees he was with me but he didn't belive.... I'm in The Woodalnds TX. I could see it very clear so beautiful at same time scary me... It was a awesome felling se the light falling and desapear.

Debbie Boyett said...

August 20 2013 standing outside talking to my mom in Bronson Tx my sister, niece and I saw a very bright blue light and watched a huge glowing ball disappear behind the tree line it lasted around 5-6 seconds was bright blue with a long tail behind it and glowed pinkish red in the center of the ball right before disappearing behind the tree was so beautiful

Debbie Boyett said...

Also this was around 11 pm that night

Danny Gray said...

I seen this as well. I was on US 87 North bound just outside of Kirbyville, TX. I only seen a few seconds of it, but i seen a large green fireball shoot across the sky behind a little bit of cloud cover. It was heading in a northerly direction.