20 August 2013

Bruces Boy Found With Australian Meteorite Fall - Canberra Meteor/ite Event Hunt D+7

Bruces Boy Found With NSW Australia Meteorite Fall
Canberra Meteor/ite Event 13AUG2013 *link*
Hunt D+7
credit- Weekly World News
via Wikipedia
Dr. Bob Dillon, Jr. of Virginia, USA while visiting the men at work in the land Doenunder, has just discovered a Bruces boy in NSW, Australia near a karst grotto. Word is, Bob found the Bruces Boy sitting in a confused state surrounded by a strewnfield of black stones someplace just past Cooma. Bob said that the Boy kept mumbling over and over, "ts nt coald, ts nt coald...".  Dr. Dillon has deciphered this as meaning that the Boy had not eaten since getting hit in the gob. Bob gave the Bruces Boy some raw eggs and slowly backed away knowing that if he slipped up the Bruces would suck his blood dry. ...
Meteor spotted near Cooma, NSW, Australia just passed 13AUG2013.
Credit- Steph L.
The casting of the first stone...

ALYN with her first stoning.
It is thought that the meteorites are chondrites.

Stay tuned as the Australia meteorite hunt continues and the scientists get serious outside of their chairs...  

This story is hot enough to boil a monkey's bum!

Bruces Philosophy of the Lost Boomerang - No Rule 6!

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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