24 August 2013

Canberra Bolide Event 13AUG2013 Video II

Canberra Bolide Event 13AUG2013 Video II and Summary to Date
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Canberra, NSW, Australia Bolide Meteor 13AUG2013 GIF
Frames provided by Stromlo Observatory, Star Identification by Jodie Reynolds, and GIF by Dirk Ross
c2013 All Rights Reserved LunarMeteoriteHunter

Jodie Reynolds, USA PI, and Dirk Ross, Japan Researcher, have spent the past seven days, X20 hours a day, to get reports and information documented and calculated before sending teams to the field.

Maps of the projected strewnfield and overall observer data completed.  An orbit has been calculated for the meteoroid/s.  Maps are available for legitimate Australian Researchers upon request and verification.

A team of four has visited the area to search.  Congrats MeteorRats!  Thanks!

Second team arrived today for search of a different portion of the projection. - no report yet.

In all, three videos of the event have been recovered and several key witnesses came forward with sonics data and sighting information.  Thank you all!

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Canberra, Australia Bolide Meteor 13AUG2013

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