29 August 2013

Breaking News- Daytime Earth-grazing Meteors Near Sunset Possible 28-31AUG2013

[IMO-News] Daytime Craterids showing surprise activity *right now*
- Earth-grazing meteors near sunset possible 28-31AUG2013 or longer
Credit- Geert Barentsen 2013
Geert Barentsen writes,

"Hi all,

I am currently attending the Meteoroids conference in Poland. At the
meeting, Prof. Peter Brown has just alerted us to the fact that the Daytime
Craterids (DCR) have unexpectedly shown up in the Canadian Meteor Orbit
Radar (CMOR). You can see the radar detection for yourself at:


The same shower has previously shown outbursts in 2003 and 2008. A recent
paper by Wiegert et al. discussing those events is available here:


If the previous outbursts are anything to go by, the shower might last for
several days and increase in activity. Whether this might produce meteors
at visible wavelengths is essentially unknown, but amateur astronomers at
Southern latitudes are strongly encouraged to keep an eye out for
earth-grazing meteors near sunset.

I have put together this animation which shows locations on Earth where
such earth-grazers *might* be visible over the next 24 hours:


i.e. http://www.geert.io/static/images/2013-craterids-visibility.gif

Let us know what you see!

Best wishes,
Geert Barentsen"
Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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