07 August 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07AUG2013

NASA's Hubble finds telltale fireball after gamma-ray burst
Astronomy Magazine
Hubble observed the fading fireball from a kilonova last month, following a short gamma-ray burst (GRB) in a galaxy almost 4 billion light-years from Earth.

Grand finale of fireballs sparks dark community challenge
The peak of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower arrives early Monday. In honor of the light show, the Headlands International Dark Sky Park is holding a special ...

Perseid meteor flying over Texas | 22 Minute | EarthSky
EarthSky Facebook friend Gary Snow captured a Perseid meteor early this morning - August 5th, 2013.earthsky.org/22minute/perseid-meteor-flying-over-texas

Meteor impact crater of biggest extinction found
Times of India
MELBOURNE: Researchers claim to have discovered the elusive impact crater of the meteor that triggered the biggest extinction ever, around 252.3 million ...

What is a Meteor Shower?
Universe Today
When tiny grains of dust impact our atmosphere, they leave a trail of glowing material, like a streak of light across the sky. This is a meteor, or a shooting star.

To catch meteors, spend Saturday night on Lake Redman
York Dispatch
The department's Perseid Meteor Shower Boat Ride at Kain County Park is "a unique opportunity to be out there on the water," says program coordinator Jeri ...

Summer Just Got a Little More Otherworldly on Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Beach Connection
Currently, the Perseid Meteor showers are ramping up, with their climax happening in a week. The International Space Station is making some spectacular ...

Gang of Asteroids: Russian meteor may have ...
4 min
The panic and havoc seen in the Russian Urals last winter when a meteorthe size of a house ...

Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks August 11-12
Space Ref (press release)
The Perseid meteor shower will put on its best show on the nights of August 11 and 12, according to the editors of StarDate magazine. Prime viewing time ...

Reports of Bright 'Fireball' in Sky Over ... - The Epoch Times
There were reports of a bright fireball late on Sunday night and Monday in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.www.theepochtimes.com/.../229738-reports-of-bright-fireball-...

Russian Chelyabinsk Meteor Was Part of 'Gang of ...
Meteor that hit Russia was one of many that have potential to hit Earth.

Fireball Bursts 47 Miles Above Tennessee | Video | Space.com
A Capricornid meteor, traveling at 54000 miles per hour, was captured by NASA cameras at the Marshall Space Flight Center on August 1st, 2013.

Map and videos: The Perseid Meteor Showers and meteorite impacts in Nevada
Mon, 05 Aug, 2013 11:10 AM PDT
The annual Perseid Meteor Showers are streaking across the night skies and this year promises to be especially good because the moon will disappear early in the night, allowing people to see more burning meteors on the darkened sky.Continue reading

Perseid meteor showers coming to a sky near you
MSN News
Known as the most fantastic and accessible meteor shower of the year, the Perseids are expected to fill the "predawn skies with hundreds of shooting stars" on ...

Fireball spotted in the sky above Alabama as the annual Perseid ...
Daily Mail
The Perseid meteor shower is due to peak between August 11 and 14. ...during the festival of that saint in Italy in August, Meteor Showers Online reported.

Observing Perseid Meteors... Using a Radio
Discovery News
This August sees the return of the Perseid meteor shower and, with the moon ... The Perseidmeteor shower gets its name from the place in the sky where the ...

Perseid Meteor ShowerKIWARadio.com
The Perseid Meteor Shower is one of the best known meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere. It will soon be time again for this annual event. The earth's ...

NASA says to get ready for Perseid Fireballswtvr.com
GREENBELT, Md. (NASA) – In astronomy, there's nothing quite like a bright meteor streaking across the glittering canopy of a moonless night sky.

Falling stars light way for night-hikers at park
The Perseid meteor shower shines brighter than any other annual meteor shower, according to NASA. Preservation Parks will make it even easier to witness the ... 

Meteors & S'mores At Michigan State ParksMyNorth.com
The Perseid Meteor Shower is the most highly visible astronomical event of the year, and the Meteors and S'mores events will offer night-sky presentations and ...

Annual fireworks coming back
"A fireball is a very bright meteor, at least as bright as the planets Jupiter or Venus. They can be seen on any given night as random meteoroids strike Earth's ...

Kilonova fireball provides evidence of gamma ray bursts
Sen - Space exploration network
(Sen) - The Hubble Space Telescope has observed the fading fireballproduced in the aftermath of a short gamma-ray burst (GRB). The afterglow reveals a new ...

Star-studded weekend at PokagonKPCnews.com
LAKE JAMES — The Perseid meteor showers is one of the most stunning annual nighttime displays in northeastern Indiana. Pokagon State Park's Interpretive ... 
Meteor showers occur when the Earth moves through debris left by passing comets. ... In general it's best to view meteor showers after midnight, looking east. 
The annual Perseid meteor shower will light up the skies this weekend. Skygazers will be able to see one of the highly anticipated astronomical events of the ... 
RIA Novosti
Washington, August 5 (RIA Novosti) – The giant meteor that exploded over Russia in February, damaging buildings and injuring more than 1,000 people, may ...

What is a Meteor Shower? - YouTube
4 min
In this short video explainer, Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain explains what a meteor ...

Perseids prime for viewing this weekend
Arizona Daily Star
The best meteor show of the year peaks this Sunday, but you may want to consult the weathercaster before scheduling a trip to your favorite dark place.

The Perseids: watch out for August's natural fireworks
As with all meteor showers, the meteors are produced when the Earth ploughs through a stream of dust left by a comet orbiting the Sun and they flare in our ...

Perseid meteor shower to light up Chicago sky; Montrose, 12th ...
[FILE] In this photo released by SkyandTelescope.com a Perseid meteorflashes across the constellation Andromeda on Aug. 12, 1997, in this 8-minute ...

Perseid meteor shower peaks Sunday night
WHIO Dayton
Conditions are expected to be favorable in Southwest Ohio for a spectacular peak of the Perseidmeteor shower, which starts Sunday and continues Monday ...

Prairie Heritage Center hosts Perseid Meteor Shower party
Chronicle Times
SUTHERLAND - The Perseid Meteor Shower is one of the most well-known meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere. It will soon be time again for this ...

Chelyabinsk meteor origin traced to near Earth asteroid
Now researchers have analysed the path of the meteor and found it most likely to ... leading to the most dramatic meteor fireball, or superbolide, in modern times.

Sanford Museum's Perseid Meteor Shower watch
Chronicle Times
The Association invites you to watch one of the best meteor showers of the year. They will be set up at the north end of the Cherokee Little League fields with ...

Perseid meteor shower viewing around the North State
The Trinity Journal
11, to view the Perseid meteor shower. ...

Perseid meteor shower: El Paso-area, Carlsbad star parties planned
El Paso Times
Starry-eyed El Pasoans hoping to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower can look no ... The Perseid (pronounced per-see-id) is one of the premier annual meteor ...

Chincoteague refuge stays open all night for meteor shower viewers
Delmarva Now
12, allowing visitors to witness the natural splendor of the Perseid meteor shower. ... a sea turtle on a beach at night with a meteor shower occurring high above?

Around the Town: Meteor shower light show heats up Saturday Lowell
Arizona Daily Sun
The Perseid (Pur-see-ed) Meteor Shower will light up the northeastern sky beginning ... Themeteor shower gets its name for the “shooting stars” that seem to ...

Magic on the mountain Public can view meteor shower and sunrise ...
Foster's Daily Democrat
The group plans to start their climb around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, stay overnight to view the Perseid Meteor Shower — one of the brightest and most spectacular ...

Watch The Stars From Grand Teton National Park This Weekend
National Parks Traveler
With the Perseid Meteor Showers ramping up, if you're in Grand Teton National Park this weekend join the Jackson Hole Astronomy Club in watching them.

Meteor shower will pass overhead early next week
Thousand Oaks Acorn
The heavens will offer some entertainment in the upcoming evenings as the Perseid meteorshower makes its annual appearance. Astronomers say the best ...

Perseid meteor shower focus of museum star party Sunday
Herald and News
Klamath County Museum will host a star party Sunday in conjunction with the Perseid meteorshower, according to a news release. It will be at the Fort Klamath ...

Perseid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend
The biggest and brightest meteor shower of the year is upon us and it peaks this weekend. Even though you can already see some meteors tonight and over the ...

Meteor Shower To Shine On Sunday
90.5 WESA
The Perseid meteor showers have come and gone every year since 36 A.D., and ... According to NASA, the meteor shower will produce more bright lights and ...

Tourist tip #308 / Dazzled in the desert: Meteor shower in Mitzpe ...
The Perseids Meteor shower - which occurs every year when dust and ice particles from the Swift-Tuttle comet burn up and enter the earth's atmosphere - will ...

Kopernik to open for Perseid meteors
Press & Sun-Bulletin
One very relaxing summer outdoor activity is communing with nature by viewing a meteorshower. All you need is a comfortable lounge chair and a clear, dark ...

LIGO plans meteor shower & star partyE
ast Oregonian (subscription)
RICHLAND, Wash. — The Perseid meteor shower and other highlights of the summer night sky are available for viewing at LIGO (Laser Interferometer ...

Perseid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend
The biggest and brightest meteor shower of the year is upon us and it peaks this weekend. Even though ou can already see some meteors tonight and over the ...

Look Up: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12University of Texas at Austin News
The annual August Perseid meteor shower will put on its best show after midnight on Sunday and Monday, according to the editors of StarDate magazine.

You, the Desert, and the Perseids Meteor Shower
NBC 7 San Diego (blog)
What's that streaking across the sky? If it is Aug. 10, 2013, chances are solid it is a meteor in the Perseids shower. Borrego Springs Resort & Spa has a stay-over ...

Pringle to host Perseids Meteor Shower viewing
West of the I
The Perseids is one of the best meteor showers to observe, producing up to 60 meteors per hour at their peak. This year's shower should peak on the night of ...

Meteor shower to be visible from Muskegon observatory
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com
MUSKEGON, MI – A yearly meteor shower will be shooting across the sky on ... The open house for the annual Perseid Meteor Shower will take place at the ...

Perseid Meteor Shower Watch
Perseid Meteor Shower Watch. This event has multiple schedules (see below). Details. The public is invited to Wild River State Park to join national park rangers ...

Perseids meteor showers are coming up soon
KXLF Butte News
The Perseids meteor showers are coming up soon. These reliable meteor showers repeat every year around 11-13 August. This year there will be no ...

Russian Meteor Might Be The First In A Series
The Inquisitr
The Russian meteor which exploded in the sky over Chelyabinsk in February could be just the first. New evidence shows that other asteroids could be on a ...

Colorado skies ripe for viewing Perseid meteor shower
Boulder iJournal
University of Colorado at Boulder astrophysicist Doug Duncan says this year's annual Perseid meteor shower and its natural nighttime light show will be ...

Perseid meteors to peak Monday
Mountain Mail Newspaper
The 2012 Perseid meteor shower is visible in a photo from astronomers at the NASA Marshall Center. The ideal time to view the shower this year is between ...

Hail To The Chief: The Champion Of Fireballs Is Coming!
WQAD.com -- Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD
Traveling at 37 miles per second, the Perseid Meteor shower has some added bonuses this year. ... Its also noted as the fireball champion of meteor showers.

Shoot Over to View Shooting Stars from the Perseid Meteor ShowerLongIsland.com
There might be a lot of people calling in sick on Monday morning! Peak viewing of the Perseid Meteor Shower will take place on Sunday into Monday. Get to see ...

Ready for an annual shower?
McCook Daily Gazette
The annual August meteor shower that some astronomers have called the best one of the year; it will peak between midnight on Aug. 11, and sunrise Aug. 12.

Catch a lot of falling stars
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Astronomers observe the night sky for the Perseid meteor shower at an observatory ... The year's most vivid meteor shower, the Perseid, which runs throughout ...

Peak Perseid meteor shower approaching
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
One annual meteor shower produces more fireballs across the night sky than any other, NASA reports, and it's just days away. With a crescent moon leaving little ...

Perseid Metors!
It will peak on Monday the 12th, and with a meteor every few minutes, go check it out!!! I went to Trillium Lake on Monday since I am working or out of town sadly ...

Brilliant meteor blazes through sky
A high-resolution camera captured this image of a Capricornid meteor, part of the Alpha Capricornids shower that starts as early as July 15and lasts until around ..

DNC to host meteor viewing party
Argus Press
DNC to host meteor viewing party. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Posted: Wednesday ..

Stellar chance to spot shooting stars this weekend
The Perseid meteor shower peaks Saturday night through Monday night. ...The Perseid meteor shower peaks each year in the second week of August

Meteorite Hunting - YouTube
2 min
They don't believe in aliens or the time machine but they do spend most of their time looking for ...

FIRE IN THE SKY: Gang Of Asteroids - Chelyabinsk ...
4 min
The CELESTIAL Convergence |http://thecelestialconvergence.blogspot.com/ August 06, 2013 ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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