07 August 2013

دش نيزك - Dubai Astronomy Group Upcoming Events - Next Perseid Shower and Oman Trip

عيد مبارك Dubai Astronomy Group Upcoming Events - Next Perseid Shower and Oman Trip

Eid Mubarak عيد مبارك, it’s time for Persied shower, we like to invite everyone to our Zubair camp, this will be great opportunity to meet after long summer vacations, the event will be on 12th August from 9 PM to 3 AM, come down with family and friends.
Entrance by kind donation, AED10 for non- members, children AED 5, the event will include :
- Talk about the Meteor shower and how to observe
- General Talk about astronomy
- Q & A
- Observation with telescopes

We have the following coming attractions-
Perseids shower
12-13 Aug
Astronomy Tour to Oman
15-16 Aug
Moon / Venus Conjunction
8 Sep
2nd Astronomy Day
12 Oct
In Moon Observation night
12 Oct
Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse
18 Oct
Leos Shower
17-18 Nov
Comet ISON
Nov - Dec
Geminids Shower
13-14 Dec

For more information on above please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Astro@dubaiastronomy.com and visit our site : www.dubaiastronomy.com
We have also new video posted on YouTube, please have look and give your feedback.

A Day in the Life of: Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, an Astronomer
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We thank you for supporting DAG, we remain at your service.
Best Regards,
Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!


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