23 August 2013

California Fireball Meteor 22AUG2013

California Fireball Meteor apprx. 21:54:00 PDT 22AUG2013
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California Fireball Meteor apprx. 21:54:00 PDT 22AUG2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22AUG2013 doug miranda sun valley,ca us 21:54:00 about 20 seconds south /north glowing red yellow with a little hiss sound same as moon yes many fragments the meteor died out but had a tail and it died

22AUG2013 R Sharp and Sons Ventura, Ca 21:56:00 10 seconds Facing southeast: fireball travel west to east Orange Bright as fire in sky. Way brighter than anything I've ever seen in the sky except the sun Fierey streaks and white particles Huge slow moving meteor

22AUG2013 JP Del Rey, CA 10:00 PM Around 15secs South to North Red, Yellow, Big Fireball slow moving Bright had visible tail Low flying looked as disappear half way into a tree so low the tree blocked it as it crossed the sky

22AUG2013 doug ventura,ca about 21:54 5-10 seconds sw to ne bright white,reds sun yes

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