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03 July 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03JUL2013

Meteor shower and dancing planets to grace July night sky - NBC ...
Summer planets, constellations and a late-month meteor shower should combine to make July a skywatching treat, weather permitting. The Delta Aquarid ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30JUN2013 Early
(Newser) – Just how powerful was that massive meteor that rocked Russia last February? This powerful: The resulting shock wave circled the earth twice, reports ...

MBIQ Detects OH IN TN Fireball Meteor 28/29JUN2013
MBIQ Detects OH IN TN Fireball Meteor 28/29JUN2013 We need your meteor sighting reports; please file a meteor sighting report on this website; thank you!

Meteoroid, Not Comet, Explains the 1908 Tunguska Fireball
Discover Magazine (blog)
On this day 105 years ago, Russians were reeling from the enormous fireball that streaked through the sky the day before and flattened almost 800 square miles of trees near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. It wasn't a bird. It wasn't a plane. And it ...

Russian Meteor Shockwave Circled Globe Twice
National Geographic
Traveling at hypersonic speeds, near Mach 60, the meteor experienced increasing air pressure as it pierced the denser part of Earth's atmosphere, finally imploding 14 miles (23 kilometers) above the Earth. Hundreds of fragments rained down, with the ...

The Shockwave Felt Around the World--Twice: Russian Meteor Makes an Impact
Science World Report
In February, a meteor hurtled over the Russian Urals before pieces of it slammed into the ground. Now, scientists have taken a closer look at this incident and have found that thismeteor's shockwave traveled around the world--twice. (Photo : YouTube).

Video: Russia Proton-M rocket erupts in fireball, rams into ground
A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying three GLONASS navigation satellites crashed soon after takeoff from Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome. Immediately after takeoff, the rocket swerved to one side, tried to correct itself, but instead veered in the ...

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