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20 November 2011

NSW / Queensland, Australia. Meteor 20NOV2011

Benowa, QLD , Australia. Meteor 7.50 pm. 20NOV2011
Really slow moving meteor, moving north. We're in Benowa, QLD , Australia. 7.50 pm. 20th dec.
Beautiful yellow / orange tail. -Ian  Thank you Ian!

Ipswich, Queensland, 19.55 AEST Sunday 20 November 2011
It was visible for about 4 seconds. -Leigh-Ann  Thank you Leigh-Ann!

Wynnum, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Meteor 8:27 pm 20NOV2011
Saw a meteor …8:27pm very Large, slow 3-4 seconds, with an orange to yellow tail – Seen at Wynnum Brisbane!
So beautiful x -Elizabeth M.  Thank you Elizabeth!

Canungra, Queensland, Australia Meteor 7:35 pm 20NOV2011
We saw a huge meteor in the sky tonight at 7.35pm. We had just left Canungra (a town inland from the Gold Coast) and saw it in the sky towards the west - it was travelling north. It was VERY large and close - it continued for about 5-10 seconds. At first we thought it was a plane on fire but it burnt up in the sky so must have been a meteor. It was a bright white light with 2 seperate white heads merging into a single tail which was more orange. Cheers - Donna  Thank you Donna!

Ripley, Ipswich, Queensland 7:50 pm 20NOV2011
My name is John and I live in Ripley, Ipswich, Queensland. I just happened to be looking towards the South West when I saw a slow moving Metorite heading North East. As it passed though the trees I had an awesome view of it and would of been at around 2-4,000ft above the ground.
It had a blue and green glow to it and because it was so close to me you could see the could see red and orange sparks in the tail. When glow went away you could still see red and orange sparks come from it. To cage how close it was to me I live about 12klms (approx) from Amberly Airforce Base which is West North West of my poistion and it looked as if it flew over the top of it and out the point of burn out, it still sparked Red and Orange at what looked like 1,500ft. Awesome sight to see. regards, John Stewart  Thank you John!

Redcliffe, Qld, Australia ~8:00 pm 20NOV2011
We saw a large bright white round shape with a tail move north low in the western sky. We watched for 2 - 3 seconds. Approx 8pm on 20 Nov 2011 from Redcliffe, Qld, Australia
Megan Stuart  Thank you Megan!

Buderim, QLD, Australia ~8:00 pm QLD time 20NOV2011
At approx 8pm 7 and my friends and I in Unit 3 C at Buderim hospital witnessed and large meteorite low in the sky to the north, with a long white tail, moving rapidly east to west. It was observed for several seconds before before disintegrating into an orange fireball. We aren't nuts, it was amazing! Approx 2 - 3 seconds. It was seen from Buderim approx 100KM north of Brisbane.
-Mick  Thank you Mick!

Scarborough, QLD, Australia Almost 8.PM Sunday 20 November 2011
Looking towards the glasshouse mountains from Scarborough, a slow moving large ball of light we thought (and now believe) to be a meteor with a long tail. It travelled for about 8 seconds then seemed to fracture into sparks that dissolved. It was so intense and bright, never seen anything quite like it before. The whole family saw and we were captivated. -Shirley H  Thank you Shirley!

Ipswich, Qld Australia. about 8pm local time
Not sure this was a meteor, as I've only ever seen a few small ones high in the sky. We were facing west and saw a very bright large light moving from about west to NW, took about 5 or 6 seconds getting smaller as it went. about 45 degrees above horizon. small tail. I'd like to know if anyone else observed it and to find out if it was a meteorite or space junk. Thanks! -Graham Willis Thank you Graham! From everyone`s description I would say that it WAS a meteor and NOT space trash. Space trash generally enters at a much slower speed.

near exit 61 (Ormeau) of the Pacific Motorway ~7:50 pm QLD time
I stumbled across your blog while looking for info on the meteor I saw last night. Since you requested sighting reports, here is mine: 20 November 2011, approx 7:50pm, QLD time.
Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor?
I was driving North from the Gold Coast to Brisbane near exit 61 (Ormeau) of the Pacific Motorway when I saw it. Direction of movement? West to East. Between 5 and 10 seconds from when I noticed it to when it burnt out. It was literally a fireball, orange/red/yellow flames, very large and moving like a massive shooting star. I was surprised that something that large just appeared to burn out. Cheers, Nathan
Thank you Nathan!

Newmarket, Brisbane at approx 8:15pm
My name is Janessa, my boyfriend and I caught sight of the Meteor at Newmarket, Brisbane at approx 8:15pm. It was extremely fast moving with a green/blue glow and a yellow tail. We were driving at the time, but were able to see it for a good 3-5 seconds. It was incredible!! Cheers,
Janessa  Thank you Janessa!

Spring Grove, NSW, Australia Meteor 8:55pm AEDT on 20/11/2011
I saw a very large meteor in the west sky at approximately 8:55pm AEDT on 20/11/2011
I viewed the meteor from outside my house at Spring Grove NSW (near Casino on the NSW North Coast) After hearing a series of strange loud thunder like rumbles which I assumed was an distant storm, I went outside to discover a brilliantly clear night sky. As i stood there looking at the sky I heard the last of a series of loud deep thunder booms. (sounded kind of like a shotgun/s being fired in our little valley.) I instantly presumed fireworks but the noises had stopped now so I started scanning the sky for smoke or signs of fire works. Whilst rifle fire is not unusual to hear around the local country, I immediately ruled out gunfire as the cause of the noises.
As i mentioned earlier I live is a small valley so I may just not have been able to see the fireworks (if that is what made the noise). After about a minute of scanning the sky I saw the meteor enter the sky to the West. It was small to begin with then grew larger and brighter as it moved across the sky. It moved reasonably fast in a northerly direction and I watched it for approximately 5 or 6 seconds untill it disappeared behind the hills in the NW sky. I didn't see it burn out. For the first second in the sky it just looked like a normal shooting star, but instead of burning out it exploded into a extremely bright yellow/white burning colour. It had a brilliant sun like brightness and it got brighter and larger as it traveled across the sky and had a very large halo around it by the time it disappeared out of sight. It was by far the largest and brightest meteor I have ever seen, at the time it disappeared behind the hill it's halo was almost the size of a coke bottle top held at arms length. cheers, Liz Clark  Thank you Liz!

Toowoomba, Qld, Australia : 7:05 pm - Sunday 20 November 2011
Large fireball (with tail) moving slowly across the western sky (from SSW to NNE) – almost looked like a plane on fire but bigger - say it for about 20 seconds – incredible & once in a lifetime view for me. Looking up, Gayle  Thank you Gayle!

Australia News Report:
Southeast Queensland dazzled by large fiery object in the sky
Story by Suzanne Dorfield
A BLAZING object blasted through the Earth's atmosphere over Queensland on Sunday night, leaving some witnesses startled by its size. ... (more)

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