23 April 2010

Two Wisconsin Elementary School Students Find Meteorites! 23APR2010

Wisconsin Meteorite:

A Very well written article in the Wisconsin State Journal Paper

Friday, April 23, 2010 4:17 AM
by Brian Cox-Chicago, Illinois, USA
by drtanuki 4:29am in Tokyo, JAPAN

This is an excellent article that was written in the Wisconsin paper that honestly make me very happy and puts Meteorite Collectors in a very positive and bright light. This writer got to the heart of the story by writing about the children and their families and their farms and how Michael Farmer and Terry Boudreaux went to the local combined school for Grant-Iowa counties on the border of the two counties and spoke at the Iowa/Grant Elementary-Middle School and gave a talk and discussion and interaction with the children on the new Wisconsin meteorite fall. Congratulations to our Meteorite Hunting friends and the school and farmers and the cook and his wife where one of the first meteorites were found on their farm. I salute you all for great work in the field and your humanitarian work.


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