11 April 2010

Chinese Antarctica Study Returns Meteorites and Ice Cores 11APR2010

'Snow Dragon' number portability ice core and meteorites Triumph
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China's 26th Antarctic expedition team through 182 days test ride yesterday, "Snow Dragon" was exploration ship, the safe return of China's polar expedition in Shanghai, China at a pier. Land and Resources Minister Xu Shaoshi, State Oceanic Administration, Sun Zhihui, deputy director of Mr Chen, Shanghai Vice Mayor Shen Jun attended the welcoming ceremony. The 26th Antarctic expedition team from the 249-member, a total of 59 scientific exploration tasks, Logistics Support 21. The study of more than 32,000 nautical miles, navigation safety, and again to refresh the "Xuelong" was sailing record. Way, research ships have six times through the westerly wind belt, the "Snow Dragon" was the most westerly over the years through the first. In "Xue Long" was brought back to the precious samples, ice cores and the most eye-catching meteorites. In the Antarctic, "the summit ice" --- 4093 meters above sea level of the Dome A area, interior inspection team drilled an ice core over 130 meters long and created Dome A shallow ice core drilling of a new regional record . Meanwhile, the expedition team is also near the Kunlun station built an 8-meter-deep "big cellar" --- deep ice core drilling sites for future drilling more than 3000 meters in the deep ice cores, to carry out millions of years of global climate change research . Another study in the Grove Mountains area teams collected 1,618 meteorites, weighing 17 kg. So far, China has a number of Antarctic meteorites totaled 11,452, ranking third in the world, the "extraterrestrial" will be a sample of global change research. Yesterday, with the "Snow Dragon" was triumphant, but also set sail on October 11 last year, the Shanghai Municipal Government presented to the expedition of the current World Expo mascot "Hai Bao." According to reports, China's polar expedition of the relevant results will be participating in this Expo, the specific exhibits are under negotiation. It is reported that during the Expo (June 5 to 12), "Snow Dragon" was the week will be the public free of charge.

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