22 April 2010

Lyrids Meteor Shower Peak Viewing 22APR2010

Lyrids meteor shower

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- The Lyrid meteor shower is the first significant shower of 2010. Dating as far back as March 687 BC, the Lyrids make an annual show usually beginning on April 16th. This northern hemisphere shower occurs when the Earth passes through debris from the Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1), discovered by A.E. Thatcher on April 4, 1861. The Comet Thatcher is expected to pass Earth again in 2267. This year, the Lyrids will peak on April 22nd with an expected show of 10 - 12 meteors per hour according to experts. The radiant of this shower is between the constellations Lyra and Hercules.

Typically, the Lyrid meteor shower presents a modest show of 10-20 meteors per hour. Occasionally, the Earth will pass through a dense clump of debris, resulting in an increased rate of meteors. In 1982, some observers counted as many as 90 meteors per hour. In 1945, a Japanese observer counted 112 meteors in 67 minutes, most of them Lyrids.

Optimal viewing time for the Lyrids will occur early morning on April 22nd. The moon will set between 1 and 2 AM, leaving a dark sky until dawn. During this time, find a dark place as far away from city lights as possible. Look to the east, giving your eyes at least 10-15 minutes to adjust to the night sky. Lie back and scan the sky for meteors with a trail that points back toward the sparkling blue-white star Vega. - http://budurl.com/SaveThisVideo

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