17 April 2010

Wisconsin Meteorite Hunters Find First Meteorite Not "The Meteorite Men" 15APR10

Meteorite Hunter Mike Farmer saying, "Wisconsin Meteorite Found!"

---------Photo by Terry Boudreaux (c) 2010; Source: Mike Farmer, telephone interview.
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posted 2:30pm 16APR10 Tokyo, Japan
reposted 4/17/10 10:25

Meteorite Hunter Mike Farmer of Tucson, Arizona reports that the first fragment of the Wisconsin Iowa meteorite fall of 14APR22010 has been found. Two boys, Christopher and Evan Boudreaux found their first stone within 22 hours after the fall. According to Mike Farmer, a professional meteorite hunter, the meteorite appears to be an H chondrite. The meteorite is now undergoing laboratory study and soon the type classification will be officially announced.

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