07 February 2016

Tamil Nadu, India - One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall Report India Police

Vellore College, Natrampalli, Tamil Nadu, India One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall Report India Police 06FEB2016 -- Really? 
5 video reports below.
1 Lahk Rs., $1475USD, to be paid to family of killed.


India "Meteor-Killed Man" was NOT by Meteorite 09FEB2016 Graphic!

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Bharathidasan Engineering College
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Image Credit- RJ screenshot of Newspaper
Video Report 1

One Dead, 2 injured : "Meteor might have caused the Explosion" - Vellore DIG
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Video Report 2

Live report: Meteorite falls in Vellore?
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Video Report 3

Live report: Meteorite falls in Vellore?
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Video Report 4

People struck with Fear after Meteor Fall creates Sensation | Vellore | Thanthi TV
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Video Report 5

Vellore Meteor fall : Relief Announced for the deceased person - ThanthI TVPosted to YouTube by Thanthi TV 534 views

Meteorite caused ‘mishap’ in Vellore college: Jayalalithaa
The Hindu 07FEB2016
..."Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Sunday said it was a meteorite fall that caused the mishap."...
"Window panes of the college buses and several glass planes of the building were damaged when the meteorite fell.
  Kamaraj lost his life after the meteorite fell near him as he was walking past the building.
The meteorite fall caused an explosion. It also created a small crater near the building complex."


Vellore Rock Unlikely to Be A Meteorite, Says Astro Prof
Published: 07th February 2016 02:57 PM

Govt `confirms' meteorite blast in Vellore killed man
Times of India
Scientists closely watch space bodies that come to earth and predict in advance when a meteor large enough to stay intact after burning up in the ...

Huge Explosion Near Vellore Adds to Mystery Meteor Showers
The New Indian Express
Normally meteor showers are traceable, but there are cases of the space debris sneaking past unnoticed, point out experts. CHENNAI: Experts are ...

Has Indian bus driver become first ever person to be killed by a meteorite strike?
Daily Mail
An Indian bus driver has become the first man in recorded history to be killed after he was struck by a meteorite, sensational local reports have claimed ...

The world's first recorded 'death by meteorite' just happened in India
... it's extremely unlucky, it's surprising that it's such a rare occurrence – particularly in the light of recent close calls like 2013's Chelyabinsk meteor.

Meteorite did it: CM Jayalalithaa on Vellore death
The Indian Express
While the powerful shock wave from the meteor damaged buildings, shattered glass and left hundreds injured, there were no deaths. The odds of ...

Ravi Jagtiani- “A small stone weighing about 10 grams was recovered from the spot. We had sent a requisition to IIA scientists asking them to come and examine the object. A team from IIA will be visiting the district on Monday to analyse it,” said P.K. Senthilkumari,...See More

Astrophysicists to examine meteorite-like object
Ravi Jagtiani-

Ravi Jagtiani-
Police, however, dismissed these initial eyewitness accounts as rumours. They put out the guesswork that the explosion was caused by gelatine sticks buried and abandoned amid the rocks at the time of construction of the college.

They said that the college's gardeners, Sasikumar(42) and Murali (26), were burning garbage to clean up the garden and inadvertently set off the unused gelatine sticks.

Sources said that Kamaraj and another driver Sultan (57) were drinking water from a water tank in the garden when they were hit by splinters from the meteorite.

Kamaraj fell with bleeding injuries and Sultan sustained minor injuries. Kamaraj was rushed to the government hospital in Vaniyambadi but died on the way.

Meteorite? Satellite Junk? Vellore Rock Was Object from Space - The…
Ravi Jagtiani-
its actually 2 different incident

the above image is due to the first incident took place in same vellore district on 26-01-2016
the second image is the yesterday event Bharathidhasan College, Vellore District..
both incident are from same Vellore District 10 days difference.apart.- Vishal Essor

Ravi Jagtiani-  “Following a similar incident near Vellore on January 26, on a paddy field in Alangayam Village, a scientist from National Physical Laboratory had been camping near Vellore. When our bomb and explosives experts ruled out the presence of usual chemicals...See More
Ravi Jagtiani- Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a flying object falling down and striking the campus at around Saturday noon. - See more at:http://indianexpress.com/.../jayalalithaa-vellore.../...

Vellore college explosion caused by Meteorite: Jayalalithaa
Ravi Jagtiani- “pieces of a rare kind of stone” being found and sent for analysis......
However, a weekly calendar put out by the Society states that a seasonal shower of the Pi Hydrids is expected to have maximum activity on February 7, apart from two other showers underway until February 21....See More

Strange Explosion in Vellore Thought the Work of a Fallen Meteorite

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