09 February 2016

India "Meteor-Killed Man" was NOT by Meteorite 09FEB2016 Graphic!

VERY GRAPHIC- India "Meteor-Killed Man" was NOT by Meteorite 09FEB2016
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Event took place at 1302 Local Time 06FEB2016 according to timestamp on security video. Local news, NEWS X,  broke the original story at 1504 Local time. Photos shown of "meteorite, 11 grams" are not of a meteorite. It was mentioned in other reports that "gelatin", dynamite, may have been stored/buried in the garden spot where the "crater" was located and that gardeners had been burning trash at the time of the event. Police claim that their dog detected no explosives and the police later recover a "meteorite" that according to photos released is NOT a meteorite.

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Screen capture from Ruptly TV
Burns and injuries are consistent with explosives or gas explosion not a meteorite impact.
c2016 RT News / YouTube

India: Man killed by ‘meteorite’ for 1st time in history, say officials
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Tamil Nadu, India - One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall Report India Police


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